Why aren't all event vehicles premium?

I don’t understand why a lot of event vehicles aren’t premium, because you invest a lot of time in a limited period of time and you don’t even get a premium vehicle


Because grind for free is not the game’s plan, if you want faster grind then pay ( low BR event vehicles are premium)

Do you people realize that war thunder is a free mmo, right ?

@JIJ0K has made a really good point. It is a fairly simple logic that does not necessitate much thought. Thousands of event vehicle coupons will be generated for each event. Keep in mind that these event vehicles are special in the sense that they are not available once the event has ended (except via the player marketplace). Low- to mid-tier event vehicles are premium (which I believe is generous), but it makes no sense to have high-tier event vehicles premium as well. Creating thousands of high-tier premium event vehicles will be counterproductive, as no one will need to buy anything to support the game (after all, what is the point of buying premium vehicles to speed up the grind when you can simply participate in events every year and receive tons of top-tier premium vehicles?).

You already know that not only low br event vehicles are premium and that you can grind with them at least as fast

No. Low- and mid-tier vehicles are not efficient at grinding top-tier vehicles, whether they are premium or not. There will be a penalty in reward.

It doesn’t make sense that Gaijin will make less money. because the vehicles from the events are not the same as those for money and you get such a vehicle because you like it and not just because it is premium. And if it were so, Gaijin could at least make it possible to get 50% more loads on these event vehicles.

which event vehicle at high tier is premium ?? AFAIK the highest one is the EBR that was moved to rank IV

It makes less money because market purchase is only 15% gain for the game

It makes complete sense. The majority of my friends invest in top-tier premium vehicles for grinding. And how is the game going to make money if top-tier event vehicles are going to be premium? I will speculate that most, if not almost all players, will just activate the event vehicle coupons on the spot.

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What you are saying my friend is correct.

If all event vehicles were premium, there would be an economic collapse.

There is a technical way to make em premium with Talisman, but that only goes so far, and doesn’t give the SL rewards.

Squadron vehicles are really good just saying.

Depends on what you need though too… If you need lions, get those squad bonuses, and if it’s RP you need, go for the assists more, they’ll get you more rather than you straining to die in the process of trying to get the kill.

i agree with you, but on the thing you can get tons of toptier vehicles during the events.
The grind for the vehicles is extreme and we all know it.
in my over 1k hours i am yet to get a single toptier vehicle from the events.

Like said above…different concepts:

EVENT vehicles
A “rare” vehicle that you get for the effort invested. You get it as an award and with the exclusivity, for better lineups, fun and bragging rights.

PREMIUM vehicls
Something you BUY with real money and accelerates progress, it is supposed to return the investment. Also fun and better lineups…no bragging as it is bought, not earned.

In the old days you could get GE with effort on some specific tasks…not sure if still possible and doable.