Why are vehicles shaking?

I’ve always noticed that when you watch a vehicle, it shakes. It seems like a physics issue in the game. I don’t know exactly how to describe it, so here’s a video where you can clearly see what I’m talking about

I think it would be better if it were fixed in-game. I know nobody’s talking about it, so it probably won’t ever be, but it’s one of those little things in the game that, once fixed, make the game better.

What do you think?

Because there cold or scared


the reserve m3 has that problem pretty bad I stay completely still and it violently shakes and throws my shots off even on flat pavement.

It seems to be an issue when watching replays as a whole.

No I’m talking as I’m in the match the tank is shaking

Unnaturally let me specific I understand normal shaken when moving over terrain but it’s when I am not moving I end up shaking more then if I am.

Link does not show any shaking.
Sometimes if you are touching a map object like a building bunker, or if you are not on level “ground” (the map mesh) like a trench or crater, the client will make the gunner’s view shake, either because its a bug (likely) or to represent the vehicle moving/shaking and throwing off the gunner’s aim.
The solution is to reposition.

uh I was in the midle of a open field road and field and the tank rocked for no reason.

if you press the x-ray button you can see better the plane shaking

what you mean plane?

Yes it does, it is subtle but you can clearly see that jet is shaking

The 8.0 Centurion has this issue for me it’s quite aggravating as APDS requires extremely precise hits.

Are you talking about the “sensation of flight” effect? You know you can turn that off from a slider in the options menu right?

Jet is clearly shaking.

“There is no shaking in the video.”

“Did you mean the shaking setting of a different name?”

As for the tank shaking, I think it’s an object collision mechanism to force objects to separate. For example, if you ram a tank for a few seconds, meshing into it, once you stop, both tanks will shake to unblend apart. Same goes for certain map doodads that are registered the same. I think they changed smashed vehicles so it doesn’t happen anymore. I don’t know because I haven’t tested it fully. But it used to shake to get you back on normal ground.

No, i’m talking about the vehicle itself and it’s not airframe shaking due to high air speed
I can be seen easily from 00:04 to 00:07

He’ll say that’s not shaking that’s shaking.

It is ment to simulate air turbulance. It used to be that if you flown into clouds (especially thunder clouds) the plane would really shake and instructor would kick in to correct the flight path.

Plus instructor is making micro corrections all the time if you take a look at controls in cockpit, they just so slightly move.

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What Blaze sayed. Its just a(nother) cartoonish effect Gaijin added for “cinematics”.

I thought you said they weren’t shaking, bro.

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If you are talking about airframe shaking bc of high airspeed : that’s not it