Why are top tier spas so powerful?

Why can I be shot down by an spaa from 7 miles away and have the missile be the equivalent to a 100% hit chance AND have no idea it’s coming? I get having the radar lock for the guns to combat the plane’s ballistic computers but what kind of plane Carries a missile that is 100% hit rate can be fired from 7 miles away and you have no idea it’s coming? THERE ISN’T! There is no such missile and no such plane to carry said missile in-game! Unless gaijin wants to add the B-52 and it’s cruise missiles they need to nerf spaa missiles.

There is such missles though like maverics which can be fired from quite far

Also dont fly in a straightline AA used to be alot better but gaijin nerfed it.


I’d rather have SPAA be too powerful, rather than CAS being too powerful.


What plane are you using that you are having difficulty playing as CAS

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yeah this guy has no idea what he’s talking about


Dude… Seriosuly!

Just because you dont like CAS, doesnt mean CAS is OP in all circumstances. Harrier Gr7 vs Pantsir or Tor M-1 is a bloody hard battle if you are not careful.

You play US and so dont have that great of an SPAA system but do have access to some of the best CAS in the game at the moment F-14B and F-16C.

I.e from your perspective your CAS is good, but SPAA is weak.

In my opinion any Soviet/China main is probably going to have the opposite opinion, that CAS is very weak and SPAA is very strong. We have no idea what nation he is playing and therefore no way of knowing what he may be encountering or with what.

So dont be an ass and dont troll every post that contradicts your opinion, Not everyone is “Pro” GRB player like you. Some might be new to the game especially top tier.

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To answer OPs post.

it really does depend on your nation as not all have equal access to the same level of A2G weapons. But for my main nation, Great Britain. we have a few CAS options at top tier.

Harrier Gr7 has AGM-65Ds that are F&F at about 13km
Tornado Gr1 Has PGM-500/2000s that have a similar F&F of about 13km but these can be used at greater ranges, more like 20km if you are taking out a stationary target. (does require a little alt)

Both also have GBUs and whilst you do need to get a lot closer, these can be dropped from height quite easily. And you can “throw” them towards the target as well, to increase range. For these though, you do need to maintain laser lock, but you can pull limited evasive turns to make it a hard shot against you. Speed is definetly your friend as well.

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[Boss music starts playing]


100% low effort troll post

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PGMs are only F&F at 7km

SAMs got nerfed into the dirt, a VT-1 literally cannot shoot down anything from >8km as a simple maneuver will make the missile miss. Let’s not forget the stupid 1 second delay after firing which makes killing helirushers and rocket rushers impossible


Only thing SPAA is effective against at top tier are helis. If you fly perpendicular to the AA it’s very hard for them to hit you.

If youre dropping laser guided armament, drop and then turn away about 90 degrees.

If you don’t have guided munitions it’s a bit harder but still doable. Id recommend scouting targets and then coming back in low and dropping dumb bombs

Any top tier jet should be able to be successful in GRB. The real danger comes from other jets

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Thats the max range i’ve been able to get the TIALD pod to lock onto a specific vehicle, so thats when I went for, to be honest, never used PGMs in GRB because htey have a huge SP cost, usually just take a heli for CAS. half the price. But in SB, i’ve used them a bit vs stationary AI targets

As long as a CAS player isn’t brain dead they are completely un-killable by SPAA. SPAA is only able to kill CAS that are flying directly at it or away from it or hovering completely still. If a jet turns even slightly they can shake off any missile, and all a heli has to do is hide behind a mountain.

Every single game today has been stomped by one or two jets just doing somersaults in the sky, dodging every missile and still being able to land their bombs without coming out of the turn.

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