Why are they leaving perfectly fine ship?

Where is that warthunder saying that crew fight to the last breath? If the crew leaves completely fine and operational battleships?

First case: Only damage from shells. Water is at 49% and it no longer takes new water in nor it tilts any further. Guns are all operational only need to fire at greater angle. Crew at 50%. Hell I saw destroyers fighting with 10% crew and 10 % water and large tilt just fine. So why do they leave this fine battleship?

Second case: Damage from bomb. Everything was repaired and operational. No tilting, no new water getting in and its getting pumped out, no critical buoyancy, crew was like 70% (yeah thats not visible in screen but its not like that matters as they clearly are pumping the water out so there are more than enough to keep the ship going). So why dont they just wait a bit??

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Second case in detail :
the close bombs exlosions to the ship :
Holes fixed:

Seconds before they leave(clearly nothing is under water just a slight tilt not critical which would be completly fixed if they waited):

And seconds after they leave to prove they clearly did not wait for the water to get pumped out and just left.

(1st case in detail is lost to history but its pretty much same case of leaving perfectly fine ship)

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