Why are there so many russians in NA servers?

Title, pretty self explanatory; why are there so many new Russian accounts on NA servers right now???

The same reason why there are Chinese players on EU servers and Europeans on CIS servers.

BCS it’s the easiest server to Play in a lot of people are just blind and unaware of anything


probably just time of day. some people work odd hours so they get in the server with the most people to get games in.

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I’d understand if they were on lvl 30+ accounts, but everyday I see more and more new (10-12 hours on the game max) players from Russia, makes you wonder where they are coming from.
The fact they somehow know every tank and penetration value in the game doesn’t help.

Unfortunately, this has to be like this as long as the game limits or management allow it. This right is given to everyone

Players are allowed to play on any Server Group(s) that they want to play on. About half of the player base speaks Russian, so . . . just more likely you can see those players on any Server Group, at about any time of day. As mentioned already, it can increase/decrease depending on the time of day as well. Nothing abnormal, or anything to worry about. A great deal of English speaking players fail to realize, that English speakers are a minority in this game. And many players have all Server Groups selected to cut down on waiting time, I do this pretty regularly myself, as I have good internet and it is not a problem for me.

There is a general perception that players on US servers are significantly worse than on the EU server, so some prefer US servers for easier play


Why not? More variety in people is more fun. I keep all servers checked most of the time.

I personally prefer playing on NA as a European because American players are a lot worse than European and Russian players. NA has far more clueless opponents, and the ping hike to 140 seems worth it.

That would be my guess as to why there are Russians and especially Chinese players on NA, as well.

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Really doubt that tbh.

Chinese players don’t get a choice any more because their dedicated server was shut down. That used to be the absolute worst in terms of player quality though. Perhaps those players mostly moved to NA and dragged the skill average down.

Not to mention different timezone, it could affect what type of player there is, either a KID or a tired adult (after working 8 ~10+ hours).

I don’t think it’s quite half, but it is definitely a significant portion.

I’d be surprised if more than a quarter of WT players speak Russian. It’s a Russian made game, but it’s played internationally.

I didn’t say Chinese players. In fact - Chinese players are far better than the average American.
I’m talking about American players. Chinese players could have only brought the average up in NA.

Thankfully, there are still many clueless American players on NA to make gameplay easier.

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As I am awared of, the players from “dedicated Chinese server” were not remained so many into international server. Most Chinese players you meet in game existed for a long period already. This issue makes no sense here.

We are an international game, that means we won’t limit any player from any region to join any server.