Why are their helicopters in mid tier games and why do planes ignore them?

Last game a guided missile firing helicopter was sitting on the fringe of the map picking off tanks. He had 4 kills and seemed invulnerable. I noticed we had 2 planes on our side flying around, a jet and a fighter bomber yet neither had any interest in shooting the heli down.
I even pointed him out, requested an air attack on him but the only pilot to reply said ‘sorry busy’.
He wasted 2 more tanks before some SPAA finally nailed him.

I see this all the time, enemy helicopter flying around causing carnage, friendly planes fly past, ignore him.

Is there some kind of unwritten pack that planes leave helis alone?

Really hate this class.

No in fact there is a law to the opposite.
They usually always attack helis.
Just means they were engaged with something else.

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Helos can be pretty hard to spot in planes though, especially if they keep low to the ground


Sometimes it is super hard to spot a low low flying craft like a heli especially in grb with no spotting, i usually search for helis when i heard the sound or when someone was killed by one.
Also it could just be allied plane are more focus on cas or fighting other planes rather than hunting helis.
Take it into your own hand by using a scout uav and fly into their blade, should be humiliating enough.

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ive started to have a pure fighter/strike aircraft without any ground stuff in my lineup.

Low flying heli hunting is super fun!

Does also sometimes depend on what the aircraft was that was buzzing around. “Mid tier” I assume you mean like 8-9 BR. A common CAS for Britain at and around that BR is the Buc S1 or Buc S2. Neither of which can actually do anything to a heli.

But generally, probably just busy with something else. Especially if defending against SPAA or CAP at the same time

Hate to say thise 7.7 8.3 helos can do as much as a cas aircraft if they was at 11.7

Yea, most likely due to being difficult on spotting those helis with plane. There were a few times I flew around searching for a heli. I hear it, but i couldn’t see it. Turned out it was a small one hover close to the ground, but not too close where it’s blowing the dirt. I got him in the end but took a while to find it.

I don’t know what you mean

Really? How do you manage to start a GRB match without any ground vehicle in your lineup?

I can’t bud.

I thought it gave itself :)

offcourse i have tanks and stuff, but i also have a plane dedicated in my lineup purely dedicated for heli hunting when i have enough SP.

Sorry if what i wrote was unclear.

They are quiet and hard to see if they are low to the ground. Heli’s are very situational, and really don’t work great, but when they do, they excel.

I don’t think helicopters are a big CAS problem. In most cases, successful helicopter rounds are hard work. In the lower BRs you only have short-range wired missiles. The ground vegetation and buildings on most maps make it impossible to fully utilize the theoretically possible range. If the opposing team is reasonably attentive, it’s over after the first kill. Especially since the rockets enable anything but safe oneshots. If there are enemy jets in the game, you hide more than you can look for tanks. And if you get into the high BRs and just look briefly above the tree line, you will be shot at with SAMs. No. Helis cannot be equated with fighter-bombers that bombard their targets from 20km away.