Why are the Type 74 (G), Type 89, and VRCC having their br raised?

I feel like they already struggle for their br and would think they belong in the group of vehicle whose br is not being raised with this recent change to separate cold war and late ww2 tanks.

Type 74 has a good shell but struggles at everything else.
Type 89 has been nerfed so many times I would even consider lowering the br.
VRCC has such a sluggish turret traverse that I would rather use the Type 16(P), a vehicle with a lower battle rating.




If every vehicle had its br rating it would make sense. But that is not the case. The battle rating changes in general are decompression and that is fine. But in the process of decompression some vehicle are being brought up and others are not. I think these vehicles should be part of the list that is not.

None of them struggle at their BR’s. Especially the VRCC which is notoriously powerful at 9.0. Its so good I use it in the 10.0 lineup as well.

The other two are also extremely good at their roles.

This is a good change for decompressing that BR range.


Vehicles are being brought up across the board, it’s just not them.


thats a straight up lie

the type 74s, all of them, are pretty bad (besides maybe the 8.0s) but the e, f and especially the g are all overtiered af. their ONLY advantage is having thermals. their downsides are, poor gun depression (lets be honest here, how gaijin implemented hydro suspension is bad) non existence armour outside the very edges of its turret, and the slowest mbt on par with the stock ikv 91-105 (which is ww2 heavy kinds of slow) now that the type 74g can face 10.3s, isnt gonna go well.

the type 89 was fine before the atgm nerf (it couldve been buffed with more atgms, or a lower br), now its only got the gun, which is crap thanks to the ready rack system this game uses, unless you sit on a cap to replenish every second. and now its gonna suffer even more so, due to even more armoured tanks, and ifv auto cannons.

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Type 74: Fast, meta rounds, laser range finder, stabilizer.

They are not bad.
“Japan main” & all-nations player saying this.
STB is no where near the slowest.
M60 is slower and it’s also not the slowest.
Type 74G faced 10.3 before, 10.3 was called 10.0, and it did fine against Leopard 2A4s.
It wasn’t unplayable.

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Its not.