Why are the PZ-38Ts so over tiered?

I mean cmon, the tank they are based off of, is a reserve tier, and the first 38T is a 1.3, what makes the F and the N.A. worthy of being a whole BR above the originals?

The ONLY plus side of the F model is that it has 50mm of frontal armor, which is useless against any 3.3s, which is the ONLY thing it fights.

And yeah the NA is fast, but it can be penned by a 50 cal, and has the same garbage gun as the reserve tier PZ-35T, maybe if you gave it the 50mm gun that was suggested for the NA? I could see 2.3, maybe even higher. BUT as is? Its a 1.7-2.0 at most.

There is no reason for a vehicle with 60mm of pen, and a APCR shell that does NOT work, should be fighting Sherman’s, T-34s, and Cromwells.

And i say this as someone who mains the BRITS, im not even a German player much, i just like my 38Ts, and they are REALLY struggling right now.


Nobody really plays them so they don’t have the statistics to lower it’s br I guess


this is probably the same reason that the F4F-4 remains at 3.0 despite being worse than most 2.0s

That’s what happens when vehicles are not as horribly compressed like top tier… then a small difference in speed or armor is suddenly worth a BR difference, whilst at top tier you can have several hundred mm of armor and pen or 30km/h difference and be at the same BR.

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They could get some love, but they are also fine.

The fact that gaijin still has not implemented a proper 38(t) Ausf. G into this game so they end up bumping up its earlier predecessors: