Why are the Ground Simulator Battles neglected?

I really like playing Ground Simulator Battles,but i find it weird that you can’t always play the BR you want to? Why is it like that and why aren’t we allowed to play simulator ground battles whichever BR we prefer,but we are given the BR range by the server (or whatever) ? I find Simulator battles in top tier very fun but i cant play them unless server allows me to or whatever… Can someone explain?

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They tested a new system like a year and half ago then no news after the system would be like a normal mm and make it worth playing ground sim


Both ground and Air SB need total overhauls but they’ve been neglected for so long you have this catch 22.

The gamemodes have major problems, meaning a small % of the playerbase plays them

only a small % of the playerbase plays them and so they are a low priority vs the more popular gamemodes like AB and RB

But yeah, they need some serious love


If I remember correctly there was a normal matchmaking system years ago but then sim player count got less and they introduced the brackets. It’s a double edged sword. MM would lead to some tiers less played to the point those tiers are empty. Also brackets can be a good balancing factor. For example there are some line-ups I love to play in sim but I wouldn’t dare touch in RB.

I think they should test to provide more brackets at the same time. Like 4 brackets at the same time instead of two, so almost every rank is playable at every time.

Agree…I would like to play those (to use helis mostly) but team composition makes 0 sense and also you cnanot choose the br…I think that putting in the same system we have for air sim would solve the issue. Bracket rotation with multiple brackets to choose from instead of only 2.

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I agree, bracket rotation with more active options would be great - personally i would also like to see allowed aircraft actually be at the same br as the ground vehicles as it is always a whole br lower, obviously arbitrarily frustrating but also makes some brackets borderline unplayable with cas, sometimes you even face HEVT AA while limted to props for cas which is utterly oppressive.