Why are the 76mm on Centurion Mk.2 so inaccurate?

I mean the dispersion is insane for what it is. I haven’t played the Mk.I from the tech tree but I have the Mk.2 from the battle pass. The dispersion at 500m is like 3 meters so you can’t aim for any weak points at long range. The APDS doesn’t spall at all so not having any accuracy to hit specific spots really gimp the tank. It’s a monster at close range with the stabilizer and I have heard people calling it OP but my playstyle is keeping distance so the tank don’t work for me at all.

the 17 pounder is a powerful gun, but it does have high dispersion, and APDS is broken at the moment, and doesn’t work properly.

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Yeah I’ve noticed. Sometimes an APDS can penetrate cleanly through a tank without doing any damage, or failed to pen completely on armor that it should have gone through.

I once hit the turret of an M41 Walker Bulldog three times with the 152mm APFSDS of the Obj.120. Over 400mm of penetration but all three shots failed to pen. Another time I hit the side turret of a Panther flush with the Mk.2’s 17 pounder. The APDS hit the track piece on the turret then dissappeared, again doing no damage.

With APDS, if it hits more than 2 plates (in this case the Panther’s track) the shell shatters, it’s really stupid but that’s why I don’t play British ground anymore

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FWIW, the inaccuracy of the APDS is historical. This is due to several factors, principly the effect the muzzle break which disrupted the separation of the sabot from the penetrator. This was especially prevalent in the 17 pounder’s case due to the high velocity, as well as the shell design. This was partially addressed post war with better shells.

All early APDS suffered accuracy issues, it was just more notable on the 17 pounder due to the aforementioned issues.