Why are swedish Leopards still better than German ones?

Despite the 2A7V is 30 years more advanced and has far more armor weight?

How’s it possible that 3 decades old tech on STRV’s is better than up to date composites in A7V models? And that even with less weight? Whats wrong with this game?


Devs have a crush on Sweden.


because of prejudice

Imagine the Leopard 2A8 manufactured by gaijin, with less armor than 122

Hmm, thats so obviously biased. I mean STRV are even with less weight und thus no hit on mobility. I wish Gajin would be more fair. Tired to lose my 2A7V to 3BM42 or even worse ammo, its armor is somehow full of holes and less effective in general.

I can fight Swedish leopards just fine. It’s 2A7V that is virtually unkillable at the moment and virtually guarantees that team to win most of the time

How was this conclusion drawn? The armor of A7 is worse than 122, and Germany only has one Leopard 2A7, while Sweden has three 122s

I guess you aren’t playing WT.

It’s literally only the 2a7V that survives every shell i fire at it. Never once had an issue with the 122

Wanna trade your 2A7V for a Chally 2?

Strv 122 spall liners = 2A7V spall liners

If 2A7V survives, 122 does as well. If you believe otherwise, provide data (which is greater than 3 screenshots).

You miss the topic. Its about why sweden gets the best Leopard tanks and not the country of origin.

The 2A7V’s armour isnt that much worse… only the B+ has significantly better armour…

The strv’s have the same weakspots as 2a7v. You can kill them both by shooting she same spot with mango…

ýou can kill the 2a7v loader through the ufp something you cant on the strv 122…


The 2A7V is LITERALLY a STRV122A but with an L/55 gun. And that is just FACTS.

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Ok bro;


Also he said “UFP”, which stands for upper frontal plate. On the 2A7V that is an entirely penetrable area, on the Strv 122s APFSDS ricochet.

None of the cheek weakpoints are present on the Strv 122s, their mantlets are slightly better protected & their upper plate ricochets APFSDS, their glacis is also better protected.


Science rules! (I don’t have a damn clue, but from a technical standpoint, they are “to standard” of modern equipment due to their heavily advanced equiptment at the time of creation)

Heavily advanced equipment?

WBG-X & Ophelios are advanced? MEXAS-H is advanced? IFIS is advanced? C-technology is advanced?

Lol. All of those date to 1980s, in some cases even to 1970s.