Why are players from top squadrons allowed to have multiple alt accounts with no repercussions?

I think it’s quite known fact that the only way for squadrons to stay in top, is to have same players use multiple accounts, so my question is, why is it allowed?

Would I be also not banned if my alternative account would be nothing but premium vehicles and stuff?

Unless you have some proof, these are just allegations and hearsay.

Personally, if I was developer, just the fact that 0,5% of the sweatiest tryhards wanna play double just to get irrelevant score on some imaginary ladder, I would let them. They are hurting noone, who cares.
We have bots and cheaters to be concerned about.

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That’s not how games work.

Would you care to …clarify that?


If it’s not hurting anybody, the thread would not exist.

“I’m salty” is not an argument : D


Who are you accusing of being salty?

They are hurting legit players who would be interested in squadron battles.

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In what way? I’m not trying to be an a-hole I just don’t get it

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I’m not sure why having multiple accounts would be against the rules/EULA or if it even is. I assume alt accounts for the purposes of ban evasion or account sharing across regions would be?

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Squadrons have player member limits. More squadrons means more fragmented players means fewer chances for online activity for battles.

Nop, you can’t have any alt accounts, straight up.

Even if it’s not ban avoidance or different region

Alt accounts are against rules.
If you think someone is using it, please use in game complain system. Thanks!