Why are people to stupid to understand the reason you mark bases in Air RB

Like I always get into ingame discussions about me thinking I am “entitled” for wanting that base. But wtf guys? It is just to show, that I have interest in bombing that base, if anyone else does not want this, I am happy to discuss this with you in the wt-chat. But why are there so many assholes that think “just be faster 😎” is the way to go, if you are in a slow ass plane.


because everyone cares deeply about what you want. You will be the first, it will be yours. Nobody cares about what you want or your opinions on it. The system of awarding rewards for destruction works this way and there is no such thing as “stealing” a base or a frag.


It’s not the fact that you want to own that base. It’s all about wasting time. If someone tags a base I know I don’t have to waste time on it. The longer I have to stay above the battlefront, the bigger the chance I get shot. When flying the Wyvern I always tag my base. I know how bomberboys appreciate it as I like to fly bombers myself.

It’s about give and take…

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Because Gaijin removed the good old game mode where you bombed 3 (or 4?) bases and then airfield. I once played in squad of 4 BV238 and we won couple of games just by bombing. It worked like this for years and everyone obeyed the unwritten law of pinging bases. Because it was beneficial for players.

Everyone above saying otherwise never played bombers seriously and their arguments really show in what state this community is. Dont forget to blame Gaijin for lack of team play…

Right now bases respawn so nobody cares about coordination and everyone just rush to drop bombs…


Something about enemies in blue.

You know, people don’t heed base calls in a pretty reliable fashion. Not even their own!

Imagine an economy, where way over 50% of the money is fake money. Would you take money?

Same here, a base call is no reliable commitment. No one can rely on you heeding that call or killing the base. So what is you call worth? You have shown “interest in bombing that base”? No, you clicked on the map. Might not even have been on purpose.

Telling you “be there first” is the intelligent shortcut to “if you get there before I do or anyone else does, you might have the base. Else you will not. So compare the planes, positions and judge who will win that race, if it looks as there is one”.

That is the point! Killing bases was in the teams interest, bomb efficiency was in the teams interest, and there was an extra target after the bases were gone. But this is no more, killing bases has marginal value. It is not selfless or team oriented to kill them. It is just looting for RP without team benefit.

If you like that old style play, go arcade, where it still exists. Pinging does make some sense there, except for bomber bobs diving for one fast base. Which doesn’t matter, as long as you end up over the airfield.


Like I said, if anyone else wants it, he can always politely ask

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Thats what i said?

Sad, but seems right

It makes sense in low BRs on props. In Jets where you can take multiple games before enemy gets to you, everyone will ignore it. First come first serve

You can only spawn 4 bombers per game. That’s why, and bombers exist mostly in prop tiers

Blah blah blah

Marking a base makes more sense when you are flying a <8.7 bomber/attacker which has air spawn. This is actually good that your team and other bombers could plan their route earlier.

It makes absolute zero sense to mark a point on map if you are in top tier jet taking off from ground with everyone else. If you cannot reach one base fast enough, it simply means that your vehicle is not suitable for task like this.

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It still exists in RB too
A: only in low ranks
B: only a couple maps so you only see it about 20% of the time

At least from the last time i played low rank air RB