Why are important articles added to the main page and launcher?

It seems that important articles that “directly communicate” with players appear on the forum, not on the main page.
Example of 3 such articles here:

This is what the news page looks like:

This is what the launcher looks like:

For clarity, I did not include the entire news page. Only what is immediately visible to a player. Naturally on the main page it will be even less visible because the news section is lower, and the functional buttons are situated around the top articles. If you go further down in the news section you will see the “Hull Armor of the M1 Abrams” and “Answering your concerns regarding spall liners” articles. But not the MANPADS article.

It seems that Gaijin might “softly” hide articles that it knows the more engaged players will find anyway, but casual players won’t.
Majority of players only see the launcher.
Many players don’t really go on the website unless they’re browsing the store. And if they do go on the website, they’ll likely only see the top articles, which allows Gaijin to hide controversial topics simply by putting out filler articles that none really watches anyway.
And if they go on the forum, they usually go to the main one on Reddit, not the official one.

What are you trying to hide, Gaijin?

You just answered yourself. They are trying to get more people on forum.
Next time take schizo pills before posting, not after.


There’s really no reason to switch over from reddit to forum, unless you enjoy stricter rules

I think Gaijin’s intent isn’t to draw people into any of the forums but to keep the “engagement” just at a necessary threshold to prevent further uprisings like the review bombing, but keep the controversy away from casual players “all is well in paradise” style.

Gaijin doesn’t want to draw attention to game issues. The launcher and news is for updates, not problems.

Stricter rules are still better than people downvoting my comments into bog because I dont want to participate in their cope train.

Our Rules are simple and Basic… even a 5 year old would be able to follow them without getting into trouble…

the only issue that you have is that no one is allowed to use profanity nor insult other members here to get their point across, compared to some other places… we make sure the forum is a safe place for all to hold a Civilized discussion

this sounds misinformed. the forum is sorted after latest comments, the main page is sorted by date. both Abrams and spall liner posts are on the main page, the only one missing is the MANPADS one (which is a bit weird yes, but not as weird as it would have been had all of them been missing).

Isn’t it just chronological?

Your rules are vague and ambiguous leaving plenty of room for interpretation and the moderator team is not held accountable and frequently enforce the rules according to what they feel like rather than what the rules that.

80% of posts on this forum are about people shittalking latest Gaijin action. Whether its sale, devblog or battlepass.

Because they know how controversial those threads are and by limiting them only to the Forums, they can mitigate the damage

On reddit there are no Gaijin employees disguised as simple players as far as I know, and people don’t have their posts restricted or closed.
I was forum banned for 2 days here because a mod thought my post was about CAS.

The forum is badly designed in every possible way and there needs to be some redesign. Gaijin should relocate to a different platform.

That is exactly what I said. That they exist, but for some reason Gaijin intentionally hides certain posts, primarily the important ones.

What do you think?
Gaijin generates that criticism through bad business practices? Or the players just all seem to be malicious?

they don’t hide them? they are there in the open. (again, MANPADS is not). its just time based. latest released post.
in the forum the posts gets bumped to the top when someone answer in them so the most talked about posts gets seen more.

Evidently you skipped parts of my post. Re-read it. You’re arguing with yourself here.


You can… but just not on the Forum, if you have concerns or criticism about Staff or Moderation then you are always welcome to PM Staff…

As for the company, you can criticize the game(s) and the direction Gaijin is going in etc, it is just the abuse that we do not accept

“vague and ambiguous leaving plenty of room for interpretation”

They are, because the rules can never cover everything that might happen… You also signed and agreed that Gaijin can do what ever they want, again because Gaijin cannot expect the unexpected

“and the moderator team is not held accountable”

Again, if you have concerns with Staff or Moderation then PM Forum Staff… we need to know if there are issues

But, this Thread is not about Moderation… so, if anyone has further questions or concerns then PM us