Why are Heavy Tanks not allowed to actually function as HEAVY TANKS?

it has allready drivers optics that are OP as hell.

The gun shield is a little bit larger which shrinks the amount of turret front that can be hit.

Because people expect heavies to be like in other games where it is a boss tank that sits there and soaks up damage.

Tiger 1 works well and can bounce rounds pretty well, even bouncing russian 122mm. A lot of it depends on knowing your enemy and how to properly deal with them.

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Properly tiered? Huh?

i think the IS-4 more belongs in Rolling Pillbox. that damn thing is just CHONKY

T34’s hull is pretty strong… the UFP bounces a lot and even the LFP can if RNG hates the shooter. Sides are 76mm too which is right on Tiger 2 level

He plays them in AB (not same) or plays them (not a lot) in RB but started RB at 6.0 and expects results.

He just does not like WT because he can’t be the “hero”/boss.


I sometimes wonder if some of these people played too much of the tank missions in CoD where you just roll around soaking up damage and blasting everything away.

Like that tiger mission in the newer game.

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the fantasy about any heavy tank or modern MBTs 1980+

He is talking about the Tiger II P. Which has better turret side armor than the Tiger II H.

I don’t believe you. How can this be? Post proof (since I don’t the game installed atm).

Hello CoffeeBean, sometimes I see your comments towards me and I don’t reply to you. Because there’s too much arrogance in the way you talk. You’re the only one who wants to be the hero here. If you pay attention, you always try to have the last word and you always try to be right. A person is a mirror of another person, and when you look at me, you see yourself. That’s all.

If we talk about the game, I don’t plan to ever do that with you. But don’t get me wrong, even if you don’t have respect for us, I have respect for you. Everyone is responsible for themselves. If my comments bother you there is nothing I can do about it. And I guess you do that to everyone here. It seems like you’re putting a label on everyone whose opinion you don’t like. This is very sad because the purpose of this forum is for people to share ideas. It’s not a disparagement of shared ideas. If there is anyone to be insulted, it is disrespectful people like you. I stopped talking to you because of a disrespectful comment you made before (even if you don’t think it is not, it is for me) and please do not write any of my comments. Because I don’t think we can talk about anything with you. Take care of yourself and I hope you have a happy life.

We talk to everyone here with respect, and I don’t see that in you.

I would like to make a correction for others: It is not true that I do not like Wt. Only, as I mentioned before, heavy tanks explode with one shot, and when I use Tiger E, other tanks are not penetrated. It happened to me many times today. I took the Tiger E in RB many times and even though I hit other tanks from the side they did not explode. They didn’t even take critical damage. Only a little bit exploded. But all the Tiger tanks I angled exploded with a single damage. I don’t expect a miracle from heavy tanks. I have written many times before. Anyone can read what I wrote. While it cannot penetrate other tanks, why does the Tiger E, which I paid money for, explode in a single shot and cannot penetrate? I just said these kind of things and this person tried to humiliate in his own way. And insulted or tried to make fun with who asked these questions. You probably have something to gain from this and you like to make fun of people here.

As a new forum member, I shared my ideas with respect, I never tried to convince anyone here, but you always tried to concvince to something with your in a non-stop distorted style.


I am sorry you feel this way, these are my opinions and they do not align with yours.

Also pointing out factual issues/points is not arrogance. If it comes across this way it might be down to your inability to understand these other points of view?

Yes, I come across as blunt, that is surmountable.

An odd personal dig on your part.

You come across as not wanting to listen at all and maybe this effects how I react to you. The Tiger is useless! What more is there to discuss? Exactly.

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What are you hitting and with what round? The tiger1 gets a round with a ton of tnt which will one shot most tanks.

Depends on what you fight. For rounds up to 85mm, you should be able to bounce them with some practice. In a good spot, you can bounce up to 122mm rounds.

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These armour values actually make sense, in real life and in game the H model turret for the Tiger 2 had its side armour angled at a shallower slope than the P turret whilst remaining the same thickness meaning it offered less protection on the sides than P turret, you can even see in the armour viewer that despite heading of attack being the same for both turrets in your pictures the H model turret only has an angle of attack of 48 degrees whereas the P turrets reaches 60 degrees.

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Tiger 2 105 should be 7.0, its gun is identical to the T29.

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But it is? o_O
They moved it up to 7.0 and buffed the RoF.

That’s what I’m saying, in response to the guy I replied to saying the Tiger 2 105 should be 6.7.

I feel like part of the problem is that many players want to see their heavys perform something like this:


The issue with Heavy Tank players are that they expect exactly this, it’s funny to watch yet another tiger 2 roll down a street towards a cap swarming with enemies simply expecting to bounce anything thrwn their way, only to die to a rogue APHE and go on to complain, none of them play strategically anymore and it shows.