Why are ground RB maps shrinking and getting cut apart by out of bounds areas? Why are they removing flanking routes?

Why is gaijin shrinking the maps and cutting off areas of the map? Why is half of Alaska cut off?
Why is top tier getting smaller and smaller.

This is absolutely unacceptable for map design.
Maps do not need to be getting smaller or have random areas out of bounds.


There are a couple reasons. They dont want to/have time to make different map layouts for different ranks and this is the quickest way for them to “fix” certain parts of maps. There is also a vocal minority that constantly complains that they are getting flanked.

Considering the hate that their large maps rightfully got, they are also deciding to take the opposite approach. If they made decent large maps, both ground and air, we would not be having this issue.


Mozdok is a decent map.
This change was completely unnecessary and flat out stupid.
The community should be the ones voting on any type of map change or proposed map changes.

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Yeah let’s make Alaska 1/3 water.
Let’s make fulda small.
These should not happen at any BR above 3.7

I find their current pattern to be
1: make a map
2: realise that the map has very open spawns that can get camped from across the map
3: add red zones to the areas that can see into spawn rather than provide spawn with actual cover
4: repeat and wonder why players hate the maps.


Or they make a great map and ruin it by shrinking it.
It’s just counter productive.
They need to stop pandering to idiots who don’t understand how to get good and stop shrinking maps.

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Yes. I would love some good large maps. A lot of tanks I want to play rely on long range ambushing.

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The first reason is the skill issue of some players that complain they get flanked. I mean i you dont want to get flanked play arcade.
Second reason is that they dont want to make new maps. They remove good maps and dont touch bad maps. For example white rock fortress for me was a good map and its now gone

Not a single map in the game is quality.

I would like to pick the brain of the folks responsible, because they really need pointers on how to make PvP maps.

Mozdok is disgusting.

Like almost all the open maps, it’s a bundle of seemingly random hills with no thought put into the sight lines and zones of engagement, which inevitably leads to spawn camping from across the map.

I bet soon we will have map with red zones all of map beside 1 line.
They removing all the fun from flanking makin map wot like corridor shoter.