Why are driver port windows and all other optic ports extremely stong?

This is something I still don’t understand or get in this game - you mainly see it in WW2 tanks but why are viewports so strong?

Like it’s a notorious weakpoint, you shoot it and the shell just vanishes, generally it never goes through and while the viewport is now “black” that doesn’t mean anything, shoot it again you get the same result.

I think with the new modules and stuff gaijin needs to revisit these weakspots and change up how optics and viewports take damage.

It’s a weakpoint when the devs want it to be a weakpoint. Some of them let autocannon shots straight through while others function very similar to just having a random ERA block on your vehicle.

Everything is working exactly as intended, well some vehicles seem to have oversized optics overlapping armor which might actually be a mistake

Fixing it would require actual work. Adding another 10 copy paste vehicles to a random tree does not.