Why are captured vehicles in sim?

Why in the world are captured vehicles in sim? For example, the German T-72 has nearly the same camo as the Russian T-72, I have no clue who to tell is who. Multiples games there are a T-72 in our spawn that is just acting like a teammate and shooting everyone in there, it’s really annoying…


I hate to be the “ackchyually” guy, but the german T-72 you’re thinking of isn’t “captured”, it’s east german. It has the decals of the NVA (Nationale Volksarmee).

ddr t72

I think this just strengthens your argument though. In a gamemode that attempts to make a “west” vs. “east” match up, why should the east german tanks be fighting on the same team as west germany, their historical enemy?

+1, I fully agree

Edit: Same goes for China (PRC) and China (ROC/Taiwan). The ROC/Taiwan vehicles should fight on the western team, the PRC tanks on the eastern team.


I took the time to compare all the M24 models and see if there are any small details on the models that make them different.
Nope … Just the colour of the nations. In short, if you want to be an arse and troll, you can spread a lot of joy in other teams with an American flag on the M24 …
As a sim beginner, I was quickly put off SIM mode after two Tks by such trolls.


just use rangefinder, log and killchat


If you shoot a small burst with the MG if “hit” notification or kill cam appears it means it’s a enemy.

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@mitchlol57 at this point you have just to look at the mini map?

One of the worst players in SB is that one that ignores teams messages on the chat or pings in mini map, you should take a look.

If you are a new player in SB you should know that “Follow me!” on Report section is used to literally report your own position to ally, also, click tab to see if there’s any export tank, for example, people can kill a T 80 U (the Swedish one has no “-” and the “U” is separated from the “T 80”, and the tank in question got small orange tapes on its side) because there’s a very small differences from the Soviet version.

If a enemy is close enough from spawn he’ll appear in mini map, also, try to remember the colors from enemy tanks even if it’s a export variant, it’s something you should get used to since you can do it on SB.

You dont even need a copy/paste tank to have teamkill issues in sim. I have had my t34 killed because “it looked like a german tank”.

Maybe they can do is done irl when 2 nations have similar equipment and put colored tape on it. One color tape is ally and another is enemy.

Make the captured tank fight for its parent nation barring those that were modified. German KVb etc is fine for Germany as it has had visible modifications that make it easily identifiable. The Japanese/Italian Shermans should fight for the allied teams and be in the American tech tree.

It’d gut some tech trees but to be honest the vast majority seem annoyed at having to play so many copy paste vehicles that if anything it’d only make progression smoother for some trees.

Also while you’re at it maybe then the Italian Sherman Firefly could live in the British tech tree and maybe Britain could then finally get the APDS round that was available for the 17lber… you know the one that Britain had first historically but isn’t allowed it because reasons? But nah Italy can have it because F Britain.

If you buy the Italian flag and the squad marking, you can make the US Chaffee look almost exactly like the Italian one. I’ve dripped mine out like that because it’s funny but I don’t actually play sim.


That would me we have mixed nation battles. You would see China on one side and on the other. Also confusing.

You see the same thing now going on in the current war. There T80, T90, BTR, BMPs fighting against the same tanks. And yes one side got in the past half year a ton of “Western” Side Vehicles.

My suggetion would be that you cant put Nation Flags or Symbols on Tanks in Sim like when you play a Japanese M24 then you shouldnt put an american flag/symbol on your tank. Same thing for higher tier vehicles.

Tks sadly happen quite often in GSB, bc of the fact of new players tryin out GSB or unexperienced players who cant see differences between vehicles/act to quickly and panicing.
And yeah trolls also tk you. So GSB is sometimes related on this a rough place.

I think they wont do it, bc its in your desire to put something like a marker on your tank so allies can identify you.

As I said then we would have mixed battles and if you would delete them from their tech trees in GSB, then alot of people would complain bc of the fact that you would create gaps in different TTs.

Yes and no. There are alot of people annoyed to spade the same vehicle over and over, but there are also alot of poeple who dont care about that, they love those vehicles or dont care bc it fills gaps in certain nations.

Thats right, but depends on your graphics, if you can identify an american M24 and a italian one. (Italian one is quite brighter than the american darkbrown one. Only problem are the “special” camos and winter/desert camos bc theyre the same)