Why are all my friends unadded? and why cant I load into a game?

I loaded up war thunder hoping to play with my friends but when I got on it showed that I had 0 friends in my friend list even though I previously had 14 yesterday. By the way I’m not sure if it matters but this is directly after the alpha strike update. Anyways I didn’t think much of it, since I could just add them all back later, so I tried playing some 8.7 ground, first I tried NA & SA servers but I waited for 8 mins and found no queue, I know it doesn’t usually take this long so I switch to NA,EU and CIS and waited for a couple minutes after this didn’t work as well I tried top tier air RB, no queue. In frustration I tried 3.7 ground, still no queue. I got on discord with my friend and he told me to invite him to my party, I did that by searching up his name on global search since my friends list was still empty. He sent me a screenshot of him in my party but on my screen it showed I was in a party by myself, I could talk to him in game chat but it showed he wasn’t on my friends list and he wasn’t in my party, he ready up and told me to try and start the game so I queued up and we both couldn’t get into a game. But he can when he’s playing by himself. What is going on some one please tell. I currently deleted war thunder and I am redownloading it in the hopes that it will fix the issue(I play on steam)