Why am I consistently seeing the T54(1947) when playing a 6.7 max lineup

I’ve been playing both US and Germany in RB where my top BR for either tank or plane is 6.7. I’ve seen the T54(1947) in multiple games. I didn’t think that was a possibility with the current matchmaking. What am i missing here?

It’s that .7…

.3 is there, .5 isn’t so the gap up is lower than down so you end up likely to face the higher end…

.7.0.3, everything is .3 gap, as well compared to the .4 down.

Also will depend on the nations you face too as the nations around that area if they all have BR gaps, then that’ll make more weight to the others.

Its 7.7, im not sure what your question is?

Its always been +/- 1.0 BRs

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Every match has more bottom tier slots than top tier, so statistically you’re going to be bottom tier much more often.

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The T-54 1947 is very ww2-esque though, slow turret turning rate, unstabilized, no range finder, no-HEATFS, tank is ugly as fuck like you are so ugly that your mom makes you look in a mirror for punishment. The T-44-100 is quicker, having a turret that could turn, better reserve speed, and slightly worse turret armor at 7.0, the only thing it lost to the T-54 is the optic/sight zoom.

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Armour everywhere is also worse, exception being the side armour.

my bad, the new look tech tree had me thinking it was 8.0.