Why am I chat banned for 30 days please give me screenshot of what I said

Ok ive asked game masters and have had no reply and well I would like to find out why I dont want to be annoying but I will keep asking

I got chat banned once for telling a moderator his bush covered M1A1 AIM looked like a, quote, “F***ing bad haircut.”

Probably wasn’t the best thing to say, but it was hilarious at the time.

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I got chat banned a few times for pissing people off for trying to prove me wrong, so they reported me, there was 1 time when I was insulting someone but I won’t dive into that drama, its been long over, and the person screwed up badly to where we cut ties. The person I insulted, I apologize to and we went on our ways.

these moderators are stupid most of the time

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They showed me what I said… Lol it was something else man sure hope the peeps that actually say bad things to others get same cause what they showed me was comical for 30 day ban and here is a tip for you so same dont happen dont talk about botting problem in naval when new players ask questions about them…

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Mine was for telling some dude he sucked and should uninstall the game and go back to FortNite