Why am i adamantly opposed to give mirage4000 530d magic2 and new radar like RDI,RDY

Though mirage4000 not be added in the game,but,when i see mirage 4000 experience on dev server,i think i must do something for this.I think mirage4000 has no ability to compete with f15 and su27,even though mirage4000 has more than 8 magic2 or r530d. And i use my knowledge to give feedback in the dev server forum,though not a lot of player agree with me but i will do my duty till next update come

First of all,let’s compare with body performance between f15a and mirage4000.The information i found the internet,f15a has 2 f100 pw100(suffice it to say f100pw220 ),mirage4000 has 2 m53 (maybe m53-5,maybe m53p2).Mix thrust f100pw100 has over 7000kgf,and wartime emergency boost thrust over 11000kgf.M53-5(P2) mix thrust over 6000 kgf,and wartime emergency boost thrust over 9500kgf,miximum thrust of single unit m53 lower 1000kgf than f100.And f15 empty weight 12700kg,mirage4000 empty weight 13400kg,f15 is lighter and has more thrust.Some player say that the aerodynamic society has a great influence on the actual experience i agree with that.F15 has static stability configuration,and wing-body fusion,with lighter weight and more thrust f15 has good body performance.And back to mirage4000,delta wings when mirage do some maneuvering,delta wings will lose energy quickly,with two low thrust and more heavy body,mirage4000 completely unable to fight.

On earth,mirage4000 first take off on 1979(1978),1978,french airforce equipped r550 magic1 and latest radar missle french airforce has is r530f.So,i think in dev server,mirage 4000 has 4 530f and 4 magic1 is realistic,and i aslo see real picture that player offer me,i must admit that,mirage4000 can take 6 magic2
at most.And during whole mirage 4000 projecr,mirage4000 doesnt install really radar,on its radome,same weight install in mirage4000’s radome.So,i think if mirage4000 get radar,at most get thhe radar as mirage2000c’sRDM,not RMI or RDY.That is nihilism.

ChatGPT converted argument:

"I believe the Mirage 4000, although not yet added to the game, is underperforming compared to the F-15 and Su-27, even if it’s equipped with more than 8 Magic 2 or R530D missiles. Despite some disagreement from other players, I’ve used my knowledge to give feedback in the dev server forum and will continue to do so until the next update.

Let’s first compare the physical performance of the F-15A and Mirage 4000. According to my research, the F-15A is equipped with two F100-PW-100 engines (or possibly the F100-PW-220), while the Mirage 4000 has two M53 engines (either M53-5 or M53-P2). The F100-PW-100’s mixed thrust exceeds 7000 kgf, and its wartime emergency boost thrust is over 11000 kgf. The M53-5 (or P2) has a mixed thrust of over 6000 kgf, and a wartime emergency boost thrust of over 9500 kgf. This means that the maximum thrust of a single M53 is about 1000 kgf less than that of the F100. Moreover, the F-15 has a lighter empty weight of 12700 kg compared to the Mirage 4000’s 13400 kg, making the F-15 both lighter and more powerful. Some players argue that aerodynamics greatly affect performance, which I agree with. The F-15’s static stability configuration and wing-body fusion, combined with its lighter weight and greater thrust, result in superior performance. In contrast, the Mirage 4000’s delta wings lose energy quickly during maneuvers. With its lower thrust and heavier body, it’s completely outmatched.

Historically, the Mirage 4000 first took off in 1979 (or 1978), and at that time, the French Air Force was equipped with the R550 Magic 1 and the R530F, which was the latest radar missile available. So, in the dev server, it would be realistic for the Mirage 4000 to have 4 R530F and 4 Magic 1 missiles. I’ve also seen real pictures showing that the Mirage 4000 could carry a maximum of 6 Magic 2 missiles. Throughout the Mirage 4000 project, it didn’t have an actual radar installed; the radome was fitted with the same weight used in the Mirage 4000’s radome for balance. Therefore, if the Mirage 4000 were to be equipped with a radar, it would most likely have the RDM radar, as used in the Mirage 2000C, and not the more advanced RMI or RDY. This is a realistic assessment."




Say it again to gaijin’s br.Let me reiterate my point,i think if miage4000 should get 2 magic2 and 4 530f or 4 magic and 4 530f and br11.7 realistic.Let me explain why im doing this.In my opinion,next update 2 su27,3 f15,2 jas39,will tremendous extend playability of top tier,why this update 11.3 always go 12.0 or 12.3?Because no more jets can be “called”12.3,only f16c’s and mig29smt’s modifications in other countries.It’s seeentially a human(jets) clone.But when next update come,f15 su27 jas39 will join in.As a chinese,i know that J11(chinese modification su27) will be played by lots of chinese player,and japs f15j has aam3 new missle ,2 jas39 one A,one C.I think jas39s is flexible enough on top tier.next update,top tier will be more and more interest than this update.And i think in the future,12.7 is inevitable,and in next aftere next update 11.7 wont uptier to much,and mirage with 2 magic2 or 4 magic +4 530f on 11.7 when downtier will have good experience.Thats all i want to say.

It did have tests with 8

and it did equip magic 2

and you need to take into account thrust curves because the base number doesnt tell you much about its actual thrust


emmm… copy my words is useless

Maybe you can read your broken english fine, but we cannot


I think f100’s account thrust curves is much much better than m53 whatever -5 or p2

sorry to hear that,i tried my best to let u know what i want to say

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they both put out about 27000 kgf in game on the deck

which is why I converted it :). I respect the fact you’ve learned more than one language. My Chinese would be pretty awful if I tried

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and your message was just much easier to reply to not that im talking to you

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If u search in internet u will easily find how many thrust those engine can produce

well I’m looking at in game in real life doesn’t change anything if its not implemented that way

i use translator on my phone ,so that i can communicate with you briefly

I think game must comes from reality,yak141 and f16aj is tragedy,i dont want same tragedy happen on mirage4000


cant open this video without vpn,sorry,i dont what u want to say,but u can express your point