Why am i adamantly opposed to give mirage4000 530d magic2 and new radar like RDI,RDY

In history,only one prototype mirage4000 be created and first take off on 1979.By the mid-1980s,the mirage4000 project in a practical sense dismounted.The picture all u can see that mirage4000 take 6 or more magic 2 on ground /on the manual /on flight test .The reason is very likely because dassault company is in order to export.There is no evidence to prove that mirage can shot magic2 but only take them fly.And there is no picture can be provide that mirage4000 can take r530d,at least i never see that.You can say mirage 4000 have plan to install r550 magic2 and super r530d.But in history,they never happened.between 1979 mirage4000 first take off to mid-1980s,the missle french airforce take is super R530F and R550 magic1,so i think mirage can only take R550 magic1 and super R530F.By the way,in history mirage4000’s radar is same as mirage2000c’s RDM,but diameter bigger.but during whole mirage4000 project,counterweight of the same weight are mounted on mirage4000’s radome.Put it another way,during whole mirage4000’s project,no real radar be equipped on mirage4000.But from the perspective of the game,i think give mirage4000 RDM and little buff is fine.I hope everyboby will understand that.

The person is discussing the Mirage 4000, a prototype French fighter jet developed by Dassault in the late 1970s. They note that only one prototype was made and that the project was practically discontinued by the mid-1980s. The main points are:

  1. Missile Capacity: The Mirage 4000 was shown carrying six or more Magic 2 missiles in photos or manuals, likely for export promotion. However, there’s no evidence it could fire these missiles, only carry them.

  2. Missile Types: The Mirage 4000 was planned to be equipped with R550 Magic 2 and Super R530D missiles, but this never happened. The French Air Force at the time used Super R530F and R550 Magic 1 missiles, suggesting the Mirage 4000 could carry these instead.

  3. Radar System: The Mirage 4000’s radar was similar to the Mirage 2000C’s RDM but larger. However, during its development, it never had a real radar installed; counterweights were used instead.

  4. Game Representation: In the context of a game, the person suggests it’s acceptable to equip the Mirage 4000 with an RDM radar and a slight performance enhancement for gameplay purposes.

They emphasize the importance of understanding the historical and technical realities of the Mirage 4000, especially in the context of games or simulations where it might be represented.

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What do you mean? repeat what i say? i dont need AI to sum up what i say

Tell me, Mr PLAAF, when the J11 and the 4000 both come out, I will offer you a 1vs1 in custom battles, okay ? You’ve been using “I think” as your one and only source since the beginning, it’s quite amusing, but allow me to use an indisputable source too. My source? I think. Yes, I think I will shot down in flames, we will therefore be able to verify the fact that the Mirage 4000 cannot complete with the SU27 (as well as its Chinese copy) and F15. Knowing that if I race you in your J11, I think I’m leaving you behind, since the 4000 has a better weight-to-thrust ratio.

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This person also posted relevant comments in Chinese forums and social circles, but they were unanimously rejected by all of us, and were banned. For such extreme comments, I would like to explain that this does not represent the attitude of Chinese players towards Phantom fighters. Please cut his comments from the player group represented by his ID


I actually knew that he had been banned from Chinese forums, and that’s good. He is trying to impose his vision of things, and wants a plane either adapted to his needs (even if he ignores how the BR system works), or to eliminate a potential future dangerous adversary… But I can’t really pinpoint where he’s exactly what he’s getting at !
But I’m going to post a little image for him here, because Gaijin published something that should please him.


It would be a nice wallpaper for your PC, PLAAF9 !

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Do not worry about that, most players know the acts one individual is not representative of a community. :)

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I feel like the radar is severely lacking. We already had a great setup with the mirage 2k 5f and they reverted us back to m2k cs. terribly unreliable radar. Is there hope for it to get Src PD like the M2k 5f?

No,mirage4000 use same radar as mirage2000c,RDI,or RDY unhistory