Why Always Steel

Great balance materials in event, just like the game itself…

I get 10 times more steel than anything else. Once just once do something working alright.


It working exactly as they planned to force using marketplace, don’t find!?

AFAIK if you do the max pet day, you don’t need marketplace. At least all past craft events O never needed

I feel like I always needed the steel and wood early on, but after everything else was built it dropped steel and wood in the very end. I felt pressure to get it from the market, but after several missile builds I feel like it was there just to add anxiety. Made missiles fine.

ITs been like that for the previous 2 crafting events and its random for each player tho this time atleast i’m getting it unlike previous events where i had to give up cuz i wasn’t getting a certain material AT ALL until the last several days of the event. My bottleneck is wood mats in this event.

its not random for each player in this case, look at market, over 17 000 offers for steel, second place go for non-ferrous metals and other materials are from 5-6k

it is random.
for example i was missing steel.

maybe in some small instances, but market confirms that steel is dropping way more than other materials
i have like 3 times more steel than other materials and im not able to even sell it because the market is full of it

for example, theres only 5 800 wood on the market, but 19 500 of steel, so steel is dropping 3 times more than wood, chemicals and electronics, and then theres 13 000 of non ferrous metal… if the difference was for example 6k wood and 13k steel, then ok, maybe it could be a coincidence, but theres 19 500 steel on the market