Why allies would ram at my nuke

Just wtf is the reason and psyche of downing an ally nuke? I understand when it’s an enemy nuke, even though I won’t down an enemy nuke because, really, that was some efforts. That was so devastating, I have done nothing but contributions to my team in my Tiger II uptier match, and killing my way through to get a nuke. I didn’t even spawn camp a single tank. Then, an ally FW190 Level 100 player rammed my nuke. Wtf is wrong in war thunder?

Because Gaijin inexplicably doesn’t insta ban these people (not saying forever, but teamkilling a nuke plane should be 3-7 days no questions asked immediately. Exceptions for artillery perhaps, although if you manage to arty tk a nuke plane, you basically got $50 guaranteed anyway from thundershow lol), so they can do it.

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For some reason many warthunder players take some sick pleasure in ruining other peoples games, and this is yet another example of that phenomenon