Why all spawns in tank battles are too easy to be stomped?

Every ground battle in 5 minutes already has a team being beaten during respawn, the game has several snipe lines directly to respawn, place at least buildings, walls, dense forest anything that protects whoever has just respawned to have a chance to turn the game around, it’s frustrating to respawn without any chance of comeback

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Long games hold server resources and are not cost effective.

Primarily due to most players lacking experience. Most see the ads but the moment they join don’t realize it’s something they need to grind for. So they often or do not play the lower brs, get annoyed, and eventually pay for the premium “Modern” vehicles. It’s a deceptive practice. Since Tutorials, and advertising do not ever show the tech tree so little information is relayed to the new players.

So all those players who get the prems don’t know what they are doing leading Modern BRs to be full of inexperienced players, funneling many experienced ones to lower BRs to the point that one team might just be people who played for years.


Smaller and smaller map sizes

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no they ruining everthing with it. old big Tunisia was soo good! But now it’s just boring copy pasta

I don’t play with modern tanks, I play mainly around 5.7 and even then the games are the same: in 5 minutes one of the teams is being massacred in the respawn and it continues for several more minutes of this until it’s over

As I said. The game funnels people into frustration to go buy up to it. Since Gaijin focuses heavily on Short Term Monetary gain over long-term monetary gain. Something that has always been proven to stab you in the back.

I kept telling y’all to bring full line-ups.

This game is not some easy ‘pay-to-win’ match-up. You need to go back to the World War 2 tanks and slow down to understand how to fight with full line-ups.

You cannot win this game with just one tank.

The game’s been active for over a decade. If it was about short-term monetary they would have crashed in 4 years. So it’s not that. They have long-term monetary for players (Premium time) and short-term (Premium tanks).

No one has the patience to grind through the whole tech tree, so they offer short-term shortcuts in each Rank.

If these players were halfway willing to fill out a nation line-up with 6 to 8 vehicles, they’d consistently have a better chance at winning.

Most of them just don’t have it.