Why after 7.7, the air respawn point to the battlefeild is about 15km?It should be higher

I don’t understand why Gaijin set this 7.7 as the initial of t respawn point far from 15km away, is there any
jet that will break the balance? when I was 6.7, I still need use props, but respawn far from 15km, which at least took me 1-2 mins to join the battle, after the BR extension, this limit should move to 8.0 or 8.3 that making sure everyone has the jets.


It’s a pain if you want to use a prop plane in a 7.3 lineup.

I think all rank V planes should have the long airspawn, but all rank IV planes should have the closer one. I don’t know if this is possible currently, though.

That’s what I want, actually, some of the nations don’t have good strikers at this BR, like Russia, before 8.0, I still need to use TU2 or IL10, and it is also unfair for those 6.7 users, there is almost 50% chance to 7.7…

Airspawns are way too high, should be 1-2km altitude max. Intercepting CAS is almost impossible sometimes since they like to go into suicide dives.