Why A10 is sooo weak?


i have a question why with my A10 A i loose the plane at every ammo i take and the SU 25K can tank 2 missile ? the A 10 plane is a strong plane who can fly whit 1 wing or 1 reactor ? why in game the plane is so weak ???

While the a-10 is probably not as strong as it should be, it is still pretty survivable in my experience. Most of the time, it is fires that will kill you. And yeah, sometimes the su25 will just eat a missile which sucks but I would recommend using the 30mm for su25s because the su25 can spam flares and it is slow enough for you to win a 1v1.

Missiles are nerfed already with “realshatter”. So A-10 sometimes can survive single missile hit, but Su-25 can absorb even more missiles and ammo and still be able to escape.

Real Shatter had fixes done to it just today.