Who will be the next Germany?

This is just a complaint from a German player about the continuous exploitation by Gaijin. The hatred comes from the PSO without the D armor, from the Roland, from the UH Tiger, and from the Tornado IDS.
All the following content comes from what I felt in the game, very subjective. If you have different opinions, friendly discussions are welcome.

To start with the conclusion, because German players have a large number of Golden Eagles vehicles, Gaijin believes that they can’t earn more money from German players. Therefore, they have distributed Germany’s excellent vehicles to other countries to force German players to play other nations.

In the United States, we can already see the signs. The best F4 (Before the F-4S) for American players is not in their own country, and the best F16 is also not in their own country (at least before the F16C). This is all to force American players to play other nations.

Of course, the U.S. Air Force is still good, at least it’s not weak now. But let’s look at the situation in Germany now: there are no high-quality MBTs, only invincible time-useful air defense, and the Tornado IDS that has trouble turning. The helicopters have been weakened to the point where it’s considered good if eight missiles can destroy a vehicle.

The only thing that might save some face for Germany now is the PSO, which is just an L2A5 with a shovel and a better machine gun. There’s no doubt that Gaijin doesn’t want to reduce potential Swedish players.

Now the game experience of the German player community continues to be sacrificed for Gaijin to make more money. In the future, which country will be next?

and more:
About four years ago, I was a Soviet player without a 10.7 ground vehicle, because at that time Germany had the strongest ground forces. I bought the LA1A1/120 and developed the L2A6, which gave me a better gaming experience. Later on, because I got busy with life, I didn’t have time to play the game. Now that I’m in the hospital due to illness and have some spare time, I came back to play the game and found that if I want to play better German tanks, I have to play Sweden. I must say that Gaijin’s approach is indeed effective, as now I have to play Sweden for a better gaming experience :)
(this is just my feeling and my choice)

Although the country I’m playing has changed again, all of this has never changed my dislike for Gaijin.


Not a high quality MBT

You must be joking.

Surely not Russia.

Really? Can the L2A6 beat the BVM or the 122? A frontal hit results in the death of the driver, gunner, and commander. The M1A2’s weak points are at least only the neck and groin, while the L2 has weak points everywhere except under the turret.
Of course, it might just be that I’m not skilled enough to find any advantages. The DM53 really doesn’t have any strengths now. If you want to destroy an enemy MBT, you still have to aim for the weak points. And the weak points you can penetrate, which one can’t others penetrate?

Oh so if Germany doesn’t have the best of the best tech at a given BR you are immediately upset by it ?
You found what, two MBTs that are better ?

This is why they never get good stuff anymore

I’m just expressing my own feelings, and I don’t want to argue about anything. If you think my examples are wrong, then they are wrong. I just want to complain about Gaijin’s commercial actions against the opposition of players. And I believe that if we don’t do something about it, such things will continue to happen in the future.

What happened ?
Did they get handheld so much by the Tigers and early Leopards, that they immediately start malding if their tanks aren’t simply the best at any given BR ?

It has been announced that Germany will be receiving newer, supposedly up armored Leopards this year.

Did they get handheld so much by the Tigers are early Leopards, that they immediately start malding if their tanks aren’t simply the best at any given BR ?

Tbf it’s basically the players of any nation. Russians mald about helicopters a lot, Americans mald about jets etc.

Gotta get the trifecta!
Germoids - tanks
Rusoids - helis
Burgoids - jets/planes

Pretty much

It do be like that

I remember seeing quite a few US enjoyers mald about their 10.0 Abrooms being trash at it’s BR. Was hilarious to watch.

Should’ve seen Burger Bros on reddit complaining about M1IP moving up to 10.7 after it got M900. Honestly no German or Russian copium will ever top that for me.

Criticizing every false statement you made.
1- USA & Soviets have more premiums.
2- The best F-4 USA used is in USA. Their F-16s were still on-par.
So no, there’s no forcing to play other nations to play US equipment.
3- Germany has 3 high-quality MBTs, with more coming later this year.
Tornado IDS, which you can use 65% wing sweep with and easily avoid Pantsirs like I do with it.
Helicopters remain unchanged in negative ways.
4- Sweden doesn’t use DM53 on their Strv 122s so that’s irrelevant.
5- Nope, Germany is receiving great vehicles every update. You even talked about one of them: PSO.

Easily, BVM has a weaker turret than M1A2 by a long shot.

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Dunno how I forgot about IPM1 drama. Several cope/malding threads arose on that topic and the arguments were simply amazing.
“B-b-b-but simply give M900 and leave it fighting TURMS/80B, which would be far worse vehicles overall, who cares. If you don’t listen to use, we gonna scream Russian bias.”

Golden threads.

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Thank you for pointing out the issues. However, these are just my personal speculations. Also, based on the current information and the test server, the PSO may not be that good.

It’s not THAT good since you mostly get hit by APFSDS. When it comes to things like ATGMs or HEAT it’ll look a lot different especially when they hit on an angle

This. I remember fighting it in an AMX 40. I had no chance to penetrate it frontally outside neck and barrel. Every other part on the hull or turret was fully immune against it at 9.7 Vs 10.0 IIRC