Who thought it's a good idea to have fog in naval battles?

Did anyone at Gaijin play it at least once with a ship that’s not heavily armored?

Seriously, the mode where it’s important to identify targets that you can do something against. If at least the fog made locking targets impossible beyond certain range this could work, forcing short distance engagements. Right now it just makes battlecruisers and battleships stronger.

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TBH I like it a lot for it’s a change of pace over having poxy sunshine every match.

If needed fire a few ranging shots at a target so when the DM appears you can understand what target it’s.

As for heavily armoured targets well it also makes torpedoes harder to see in RB NF.


Yeah I’ve really been enjoying the new cloud and fog conditions, hope they keep it.


I would have enjoyed it if you couldn’t lock enemies above certain range through the fog unless they made themselves visible by shooting. As it is right now you can’t sneak closer because you get deleted by battleships just as you would in sunny weather.

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Sometimes I wonder if the devs are literally blind: given how parts of the interface are designed with indicators overlapping each other and the target or if the devs are squirrels on adderall because they drop rabid features.

Remember the AI Forts BS that poisoned many games for some time? At least it got turned off and now we finally get to enjoy what is actually a good looking map. Same with the recent flooding that also got massively toned down to the point of it not even being a thing.

So, I hope these fog fights are also gonna be done with once and for all the moment the management sobers up enough to realize that the devs’s experiments on driving the players unhappy are generally a bad idea and should be rolled back.


Lets face it skippers, fog and ocean go hand in hand.

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Yes, whiny stats-obsessed players have basically kept the game from growing in any way other than just adding more vehicles for quite a while, and it’s getting worse.

there are a few areas that get fog sometimes and a lot more that never do … it is not at all common at sea

bad ideas have a tendency to get bad reactions from most

granted there are some that are enraptured by almost anything new

the bottom line is gaig does not listen … the voices thing is still worse than having nothing … a few useful alerts seems a dream

You kept cheering every single bad idea that eventually got rolled back. If that doesn’t speak volumes about your ability to tell good and bad apart, I don’t know what does. In general, do understand you completely lack that ability, unlike many of us and by default unable to produce constructive input. It would be great if you recognized that and by extension that the community would acutely benefit from you self-censoring.

The “community” would be equally helped by you jumping off a cliff, but that’s not going to happen either I imagine.

Fog is a great addition. It adds realism and complexity to play. You want easy mode. That’s all you ever advocate for on this forum yourself, a dumber simpler game that doesn’t make you think too hard or work to better yourself. Anyone reading your posts can see the thread. It could be down to two square blocks on a flat 2d plane and you’d still be asking if you could remove one of the blocks for better “gameplay.”

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dood you are doing the angry dwarf stampy rant

control yourself at least a little

and do try to read and understand what i wrote

have a nice day

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Was meant to be me responding to Bruce_R1. No idea how that got all wrong, sorry.

no worries … just nice it wasn’t something i said
i was supporting your argument
irl sea fog is not common at all , most places never see it

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It doesn’t add realism.
It also makes ships that are already easy to play, i.e. heavily armoured ones with hard to hit weak points, even easier to play. In meantime light cruisers don’t even know if there’s an enemy that has line of sight on them or guns turned in their direction.
Without fog it’s actually possible to aim - some would say use the skill of aiming. It’s also possible to select your targets - some would say use the knowledge of ships in the game.
With the fog there’s no skill involved. There’s no new mechanics introduced, it’s the exact same game but now 2 key skill based elements are taken away and replaced with randomness.
If the fog also limited lock-on then at least it would make sneak up tactics viable. In it’s current state it’s just a very bad element that was added to the game without any consideration on its impact on gameplay.

Oh, and you know who doesn’t care about the fog - the bots. It’s actually a good thing for the bots.

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But many maps show coastline/land. And then we have a different story.