Who needs enemys just for the lolz

Who needs enemys when you have a team that will help you back to the hanger.
While your scouting, they either pull up next you in a Bkan 1C, makes lots of noise spamming shells at the enemy ending up with both of you getting destroyed, boxes you in while your peeking around a corner or over a ridge, or just starts shooting you with there MG while your trying to be stealthy, best yet is when they make the rest of the team look like roman candles with there new flam thrower


Lol I’ve lined up to get spritzed by a churchhill crocodile

Something something about enemies in blue.

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Had a right team of clowns yesterday ,ran into each other at spawn then proceeded to fight each other over it ,they then went of machine gunning all our spawn cover.Everybody went to one spawn accept me and I then got hit by our artillery Fortunately I did not have endure the pain for long.When you know its going to be over quick ,take a defensive stance and try and pick of the enemy hoard as they come at you.all you can do

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