Who Has More Silver Lions Than me? :P

This is simply how much SL you have Currently… Not, an…: “Oh man, i used to have like 2 Billion, but i spent it all on crates/dumb things, and now i have 100K”, or any nonsense like that.

This is strictly How much Silver lions you have Right Now. Not how much you have earned over your career,how much you have.

(i am primarily a NON premium player, and of my current SL only about 30 million or so, came from premium time)

anyone claiming to have more SL than me, will be required to provide screenshots (or you can just… post them)


2 billion from 14.7k games??

That’d be impressive - sure you aren’t counting your runescape stashes??

I got about 92 million… which is the most I’ve ever had.


wha? you didnt read that correctly… I was saying that you/someone would say that they had a LOT of SL but currrently do not, because they spent it all

and 92 Million is very good :D Still not more than me tho :) (video proof in my youtube vidyas)

I try to keep a mil or so. As a mid level and mid tiers player I can buy anything that unlocks. It helps that I like playing naval, most of my SL booster get burned there.
Of course in most trees I haven’t quite gotten to where da snale really tightens the screws…

Can you post some screenshots of how much you have?
Screenshot 2023-10-16 214307
This is what I have.

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After buying 700 ice cream buckets in the last scam round (result: 2 useless ships, a even more useless jet i already owned before and useless stuff like deco and hundreds of universal vehicle replacement vouchers despite i play Air RB only) there are 14.9 mln left.

If you have everything you want, SLs have zero value, so i burn them in loot boxes. The amount of available SLs is actually useless as this is just the result of playing the game - without any value or correlation to player skill.

this entire post is… exactly the kind of thing i have Zero interest in seeing/reading and what i tried to say, hey… dont do this…

So… good job saying completely irrelevant stupid shit.

well, i have videos that show what i have, and i think if i post how much i have it will kinda ruin the game. (since people will either lie and say they have more, or they will simply not post how much they have, in an attempt to show/say they have more than me)

okay well. a mill is… um… strictly speaking, quite low :/ :D… so i have a LOT more than that.

i learned from the master of stupid posts…


Also wrote:

So… good job saying completely irrelevant stupid shit.

Well, how do we know you aren’t lying about how much you have?

Especially in light of his ingame SL stats which somehow do not really fit in.
They say he earned ~126 mio SL total.


WT-silver lions octobre 2023
WT-véhicules sh4d0w octobre 2023


I usually avoid waste spending silver unless really need to or planning to using certain vehicle daily like buy expert skill. I am saving silvers for 50% discount winters to buying lot of vehicles, that I hadn’t touching them for many months.

…i literally said i have VIDEO proof… in my youtube videos… basically the only time i will need to prove my SL with a Screenshot is if someone has More than me

lol, niceeee…

you were close, but i still have a Bit more :)

um… okay? so how much SL do you have?

I used to have 190 millions but I spent a lot lately with ice buckets … ^^ and still I got much, much more véhicules than u. ^^

you mean… like that?