Who got the new Shilka with missiles?

How does it perform? I know spading the other two takes like forever, unlike Gepard variants they are decent AA and somewhat good AT.

Gepard with stinger is literally better at everything.

Stinger is better.
Stinger turns better than igla
Stinger has uncaged seeker, igla has caged seeker
Gepard guns have longer range and higher velocity for Air targets
Gepard can kill tanks reliably
Gepard pens more
Gepard radar is extremely better

Literally sabres can evade iglas because they are 10g garbage

İmo this thing should have been 9.0

Off the rails the Igla (on the 4M4 at least) gets some weird instantaneous G turning, so the Igla can actually hit targets easier in most situations.

The SANTAL doesn’t even have a gun and is 9.3, why should a missile SPAA with main guns be lower than it?

Because mistral is better than igla, and santal has thermals, along with gepard

Gepard doesnt have thermals.

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the santal does have thermals a really good search radar, more missiles and an uncaged seeker