Who at Gaijin got the Snow Bike added to the game?

So just out of curiosity, who on the dev team got the snow bike added? I assume someone at Gaijin enjoys the sport enough to add it to the game and was just curious how it is riding snow bikes in Russia? I enjoy the sport over here in America so it would be cool to know how conditions are over there.

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Gaijin is EU.


In the same way that every ship is Liberian


Weird of you to claim every ship is Liberian…
They’re not.



I was going to prove you wrong with their IP but they switched to cloudflare… lol.
It def used to be “Russian Federation” because my firewall blocked the site…

So here’s your wikipedia entry…

Gaijin Entertainment was founded in Russia in 2002 by Anton and Kirill Yudintsev,[4] whose first big project was the PC racing game Adrenaline . After the successful launch of War Thunder in 2012*,* an office in Germany was established, to manage global operations and marketing.[5] The company moved their distribution business from Moscow to Budapest around 2015, and their development headquarters followed shortly after.[6] According to Hungarian tax records, Gaijin had 42 employees in Hungary by January 2022.[7]


No point. He intentionally does this in every conversation.


Gjn is more russian than some other companies that are actually based in russia

Yeah, was. Thanks for proving that they’re EU.

What do you mean, Paul just proved they’re EU.

Weird, since they’re not.

Lmao brother, please stop.