Which variant of T-72 is this?

Since about half my deaths in it in sim are from enemies in blue.


Lol, I once was in my Type-60 SPG in Sim. A friendly King Tiger next to me. The game had been going on for about half a minute. He took a lool at me, you could almost see the gears in his head turning and then he shot me…

I’d understand teamkills against vehicles that both sides have access to and that are not properly marked, but a NATO player not recognizing a Challenger is just bad…

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The frequency at which it occurs is frightening.
They should really just remove the ability to teamkill from sim and replace it with reflected damage so it punishes people who don’t ID their targets and not the person on the receiving end of their dysfunctional eyes/brain.

Shits happens, I shot a friendly Wolfpack who came around a corner at about 100km/h, I saw MG fire and I thought it was an enemy rushing the cap zone. But yeah, I don’t know how you can confuse a Challenger let alone something like a Leopard, I was team killed by a friendly Abrams and I was baffled.

Hmm…I’m not entirely on board with this. For me Sim is supposed to be as realistic as possible, therefore FF should be on (I would like to have it on in RB as well), but there needs to be a better way to maintain some “team awareness” besides spamming position reports.

This is a game and concessions should be made to improve the game and enjoyment of the game where necessary.
Teamkilling does not add anything positive to the game, only punishes those who are the victim to it.
Reflected damage is the easiest solution and it would incentivise blue enemies to actually ID targets before they have a spasm and fire at anything.

I recently tried SIM. A platoon in my team thought it was funny to bang American flags on Japanese M24s and fire at allies with machine guns.

ive been killed in SIM by The Jarheads when i was in ZTZ99A, they will shot to all the MBT without The Jarheads :(

T-72 kill ZTZ-99A
T-72 kill VT-4A1
T-80 kill T90M
T-72 kill T-72
M1A2 kill T80U(Sweden)
M1A1(click-bait) kill M1A2
Challenger 2 kill T90(India)

Sim should omit certain vehicles from the lineups of either side (no GDR vehicles when fighting the Soviets etc).

I noticed on yesterday’s sim lineups, it was 9.3 (for the red side, not the blues) but the Soviets had no T-72A and no Chinese ZTZ96. I can only assume this is to stop the German, Swedish and Italian T-72’s also being available.

lmao, thats what happned in SIM

XD When I first heard that the US (in real life) has lost more modern vehicles (Bradleys, Abrams) to FF incidences rather than the enemy, I was incredulous…until I tried SB and ended up receiving and giving my fair share of accidental teamkills… You think you know how to identify just about anything until you are trying to stay alive and just ready to shoot anything that crosses your path.