Which Urban CQB Knifefight map is your favourite?

Personally I like soviet era housing maze number 3.

We really need more of them, I think we can all agree.


Many people here in the community hate CQB fighting because it’s reminiscent of CoD,but personally i love it because even tho it’s not really realistic(real tanks in an urban environment are almost a death trap),it just ease my mind.

First place obviously goes to Advance to the Rhine,i’m speaking of the left lane on A, it’s just a nonsensical mothball filled with dead tanks and artillery shells

Second place goes to Alaska:i like the fact it’s a “grid” map,it makes moving the combat front way more engaging

Third place is the A point in Tunisia,the little town that some call “the Thunderdome” for obvious reasons

Honourary mentions goes to Eastern Europe and on Conquest 2 of Ardennes that is basically like playing Shipment on CoD,but with limited lives and more killstreaks


You just upset A LOT of people

Edit: I agree with @iMatty01 rankings

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Despite CQC maps making up less than 25% of the maps, some are rather good since CQC requires more skill.
Much like in basketball where all the skill is done around the net.

Just answer the question 😭


Easily Advance to the Rhine.

It doesn’t feel restrictive or open, and there are so many routes you can take. It is intense and very fun to play on.

My only complaint is that people sometimes play the map like a group of lemmings who press W and die shortly after.

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Ahh yes, MVP basketball player Stephen Curry, widely regarded for his skill in the paint…

Do you even read what you write before posting it?


You do realize who you’re quoting, right? If they did, they wouldn’t be renowned forum-wide for their constant bad takes.


I hate CQB. If a map is bearable then Advance to the Rhein. At least you still have some space there.
The worst is really Cargo Port Conquest with its extremely cropped edges. The map is usually won by the team that sits on the cap the fastest and the team that seals off the corresponding corners.
I think a good map is characterised by the fact that it offers something for all players. I see Seversk-13 and Test Site-2271 as a good compromise. Here there is open space with corresponding hills that can be used and there are good opportunities for flanking.
Unfortunately, on maps like Sands of Sinai you often see that many are not able to move effectively through open terrain. Many are in high positions and often don’t know where their opponents are shooting from. As a result, they usually spawn where there is a lot of cover and then run head-on into the enemy.

Where did you get the 25%?

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Rhine and especially Alaska, because it offers some open spaces too. (Used to be Port Novo )))))
I love the challenge of knocking out campers and getting the game moving. A good show of skill if you will.