Which to get

Su-25 or 39, F-5c, F14s or mig 21-bus-lazur.

I mainly play ground RB for US ,Germany and USSR

Premium CAS options to buy for each would be

USSR: Su-25, Su-39 or Ka-50.
US: A-10, A-6E or AH-64A
Germany: I don’t actually know. Its a shame about the Tornado WTD61. Might be worth waiting till they fix that (if they fix it), could be really strong.

F-14A doesnt have any guided weapons (which make its vulnerable against things like Pantsirs when attacking with them). F-14B does and is quite strong.
F-5C is really good for ARB, but not sure for GRB, limited payload and you would be better with something like the A-10 or A-6E at that bracket with the guided weapons

SU-25K is awesome for grinding in GRB at 10.0. You can combine it good with the 2S38, Turms, BMP2M.
With the SU-25K you only need to worry about Roland SAM which is easily countered or avoided.
I’d stay away from the Su-39 due to its high battlerating of 11.3 as there are ADATS that take you out fairly easy, also the tanks are pretty hard to knock out at 11.3-11.7.

F-5C is a good grinder for Air RB but not so much suited for Ground RB due to bad payload and only rear aspect AIM-9E.

Mig 21 Lazur is also a very good jet, but you really need to have steel discipline flying it. Takes a lot of effort to learn how to effectively use it as at BR of 11.0 you will face F-16. It’s basically a flying coffin.

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I would get the F-5C personally. The Mig-23 ML is also a great option if you haven’t considered it.

I was messing around with the su-25 in the test drive
And I was having issues using the guided rockets

The guided rockets are weird on it, I prefer to just use the unguided rockets

The bombs work well too. Since the SU-25K is so low there isn’t much spaa to worry about, and most of the missiles are flareable.

No, the guided laser rockets are useless in Ground RB. You have to use the big S-250 ones. They make short work of any vehicle. The S-130F are also very good, have a decent range for taking out these stupid SPAA. I hit them from around 6 kilometes away as they are too dumb to move and sit at spawn. And you carry 40x of them. Its more effective than the Zuni Mk32.
The SU-25K is probabbly the most effective ground attack aircraft ingame.

In Sim battles you can take the S5K, 256x of them, and attack Airfields. It nets you huge SL and RP rewards.