Which tank, that has a scout UAV, has the lowest Muzzle Velocity?

Hello everyone,

In this Topic I am asking what the title says.

Why am I asking this?
I have seen where people are using Scout UAVs to find enemys and then they kill them with a high bulletdrop (like Artillery) .
so I was wondering which tank would be best for it.

It needs a low Muzzle velocity so the bullet flies over the cover.
It needs acces to the scout UAV to find enemies.
and it would be great if the HE he is shooting has a lot of tnt.
Preferably in the german tech tree.

so does anybody know which tank would be perfect for this case?

(Thank you all in advance)


The Swedish IKV-91 doesn’t have scout drone, but it can scout and it’s HEAT-FS shell can arc behind hills due to it’s low velocity.

For your list of requirements, I’m sure those people could be working in a group with one spotting with a drone and someone using a artillery type vehicle.

BMP-3/ZBD-04 come to mind.

The soviet IFVs with 100mm/30mm.

Maybe sheridan?

I’ve dabbled in it a bit using the BMD-4 and BMP-3, and they’re definitely the best self contained option for makeshift artillery. Someone posted a while ago how they managed to make simultaneous impact bursts with it.

The german TT doesn’t have a self contained option, you’ll have to rely on a squadmate to bring the drone.

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I used the BMD-4 for this one, I only did it once. The farther the target you will start to hit the .1m -.9m.


M551 Sheridan 152MM

BMP is great because it has an autoloader although it’s only a 100mm

Can’t off the top of my head think of a German vehicle in possession of the qualities you seek.

However, if anyone is interested in drone-guided artillery in WT, I highly recommend checking out “loner1512” on YT. He makes great videos and shorts where he uses soviet 100mm cannons and drones to kill tanks multiple kilometers away. Fascinating

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