Which shell should I mainly use

Hello! I just unlocked the Charioteer Mk VII from the sweden tech tree,
I want to know what shell should I mainly use
The APDS one or the APCBC one

both one has more pen but does less dmg (apds) and other has more damage but less pen(apcbc)
apds is easier to aim at longer ranges aswell


The APCBC is more reliable on one shotting, but the APDS goes through way more armour. Its a very powerful round that basically makes the armour of anything you fight with that tank irrelevant.

You just have to learn how to aim with it is all.

Go for large, single plates of armour. Dont go for any spaced armour or multi layers, because it will shatter (so dont aim for gun mantlets for example).

Also learn where ammo is, I recommend learning to use it now because otherwise as you go further down the tree and find more british vehicles that only get APDS, you’ll struggle to learn how to best use it.

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My own philosophy is to choose the shell with more post pen as long as it can penetrate more than half the enemies you expect to see. Therefore, in downtiers using the APCBC is fine. It will penetrate everything at 6.3 or lower, even the glacis of the Sherman Jumbo.

That said, downtiers are quite rare for the Charioteer, especially since you’ll probably be using it with the Bkan and the Pbv at 6.7, so you should stick to just using APDS (the APCBC might be useful when flanking, but you’re going to mostly use the Pbv for that anyway). Like Zekken said above, you’re going to be stuck with APDS (and HEAT in some other vehicles, which is somewhat better after the recent buff but still not great) until 8.7, so it’s good to get used to it now.

Personally, i main the APCBC and keep some APDS for tough targets

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And one or 2 HE so any open tops go down with just a contact hit.

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Take both, APC for regular use and APDS for top tier heavies/TD’s.

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Depends on what your killing; whatever your total AP ammo count is, make half of it Mk.3 and half Mk.1.

My personal preference is to carry APDS in the gun as my main round, then a few APCBCs for back up, that way I can pen and disable pretty much anything that isn’t angled up to 1km (also the high velocity makes hitting a moving target far easier), once its not going to shoot back I can look at what it is and decide how best to deal with it, Heavy yanks and TDs from the front I’ll usually stick with the APDS, light or mediums or for a side shot or at close range Ill switch to the APCBC. And obviously open tops/ SPAAs HE.
Given that most tanks that have the 20Lb gun are 7.3 or 7.7 BR its probably not necessary to use APDS, but given the Charioteer is relatively large and all flat thin armour its better not to risk a return shot by failing to pen because you where trying to get a 1 shot IMO.
That said you will likely get a lot of assists with APDS as friendlies take out tanks that you disable before you can reload.
Ultimately it’s really a matter which one you like more.


Also, sometimes worth taking into account special tasks: Sometimes Battle Pass tasks ask to get a certain number of instances where you set an enemy afire, and for those APDS is really great: Shoot into the engine bay - start fire - wait until the victim extinguished the fire - shoot into the engine again - another fire - get 2x “set afire”…

Yeah and that is where we spend 10000 SL to change tasks


If you want to play good games and kill with one shot 97% of the time you have to use APHE. If you want to make a lot of assists, kill 40% less, and completely depend on the game on whether you kill or not, choose any other bullet.