Which one is better?

Guys i have question. I want to buy new russian premium tank but i don’t know which one I typed only 2S38 and t-72 turms and i have no clue which is better. can you help me with this?

Do you already have a lineup for them?

Ultimately it comes down to what you’re enjoying the most.

The Turms is a great Tank overall, but it’s lacking reverse speed and dispersion will force you to learn the maps, to position yourself accordingly.

The 2S38 on the other Hand…
It’s a bit of a “Jack of all trades, but master of none.”
You’ll need to flank and ambush people, to play it successfully.
But it can perform AA dutys if needed the most and can spot.

I dont have lineup yet because i have IS-6 and KA-50 only. and i want to buy T-72 turms or 2S38 to start serious grind. Also i mostly like aggresive gameplay like 2S38 but I’m afraid i will use it not properlly.

the answer is “easy”, right now you are considering it without sale, wait until next month the holiday sale when the stuff is 50% reduced as well, then u can just get both the turms and the 2s38, in the mean time you already start working towards bmp2m squadron and you are gucci with a full line up