Which nations to choose from?

Hello, I’ve recently discovered that USSR has now a very low winrate. This was the first nation that I was actually grinding and I am now at 6.7. I am not sure if I still should stick with this nation or if I should change to Sweden for example. I am also looking for strong tanks that are tough and have good firepower as well as good CAS and air force overall.

Highly, HIGHLY recommend playing at least one other nation. Playing multiple nations will allow you to better understand the vehicles you face and their strengths and weaknesses and make you a much better player overall. In terms of nation, Sweden is an alright choice though I found the lower tier vehicles to be rather disappointing. I’d personally recommend the US or Germany (big surprise, I know) because they both have really good and well-fleshed-out tech trees, especially in the WWII area you are currently at. For a faster grind, France or Italy are pretty good but of course the faster grind comes at the cost of less vehicles to choose from. Finally, there’s Israel which isn’t great but you’d be able to skip ranks 1-3 entirely.

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The main problem with playing other nation is that I don’t have premium vehicles and it will actually take me ages to do the progress in both nations. I found US a bit boring because of their shermans and the fact that I can easily pen them with my big guns. Germany is not that fantastic in terms of air force and their vehicles are okay I think.

The US is a decent choice. Their tanks are average for the first bit but get pretty good after around 6.3. They also have the best CAS at basically all brs.

Germany has great firepower throughout their tech tree with okay CAS.

Sweden wont have too much in terms of CAS or tough tanks but they got some good firepower.

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What about US top tier? I am also looking for a nation which will be also good in future. I don’t like sniping for example but I like mobile tanks and those which can “absorb” some shots and easily dominate over the enemy, I also want to get my first nuke.

Sweden is an alright pick for what you want but I’d thrown in China as a good nation to grind, their tiers 1-4 are a mix of Japanese, American, Russian and British vehicles so you get quite a wide spread of vehicles to try out. The ground forces are pretty good at higher tiers and their air force is great if you want both the Su-27 and the F-16, Otherwise it has its golden BR and its worst ones like any other nation.

A word of advice. Don’t focus too much on win rates. focus more on what you are finding fun and everything else will fall into place. c:


‘What nations to choose from? The ones available of course’

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Alright, I see. I think that the mix of every nation would be a good choice. What about the italy, france and japan? I think that all of them are pretty stable.

Japan is very glass cannon style, you spend most of your time making sure you are the one who gets to shoot first. Air force is really good and easy to play.

Italy is somewhat similar to Japan in this regard, they just have access to more vehicles from the US/British tanks. some really good tanks in their TT and their air force is alright.

France has some tough cookies at low BR but they lack any sort of decent guns till you start getting up to about tier 3. Air force wise its also okay as they have a few US planes in there that really help bolster their CAS capabilitys (F4U-7 and F8F-1B for example)

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Alright, I will stick to china then and try it out. Thanks for your help and advices!

You’re welcome, let me know how your venture into the Chinese TT goes! o7

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Top tier is where things get divisive. Personally, i enjoy US top tier. Very mobile with good firepower and great reloads. Being “tanky” at top tier is not really a thing. Some tanks can block some poorly aimed rounds but i wouldnt plan one using armor in the way you use it in the low/mid ranks

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If you just want high win rates, pick Sweden. Sweden has a lot of great tanks (kind of the best vehicles from every nation) but not very good CAS until you get to top tier jets. Germany is way more fleshed out and has very good helicopter CAS (not as good jet CAS yet), but seems to do worse. Regardless, it remains one of the best nations to pick.

I have not heard good things about Chinese mbts, which might be something to consider if you’re primarily looking at top tier.

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So for aircraft I can tell you this from grinding Italy.

In 1.0 - 6.0 Italy has some of the best WW2 fighters in the game. They get German 20mms with a 20 - 19 second turn times with climb rights that can keep up with BF-109s. The best fighters to use is the Re.2005 serie 0 and the G.55 serie 1. Best attackers are going to be the SM.92 due to it getting 3 20mm and 4 12.7s with a 19 second turn time along with 2 500 kg bombs for CAS. Along with the P-47 because how good of a power climber it is and the massive payloads its able to get for CAS.
Also I wouldn’t bother with the heavy bombers in Italy because most of the time you have the slowest bomber in the match and all the targets get taken out before you can bomb them which leaves you with nothing to do. They also preform so much worse then a lot of other bombers in its BR.

In 7.0 - 8.0 the F-84F and F-84G is probably going to be the best jets to grind into 9.0 range due to the bomb payloads they can have and the speed they have. The best fighters in that BR is going to be the G.91 Pre and the CL-13. Don’t bother with the G.91 R/1 because of its BR of 8.7, it will always be out classed because its put into 9.0. Also the G.91 Pre likes the break wings a lot so watch out for that to.

In 9.0 - 10.0 range the best jets are probably going to be the AMX and Sagittario. The Sagittario has the best turn time in its BR and its 30mms just deletes planes. The AMX is one of the best CAS aircraft in 10.0 due you it getting GBUs, large amount of dumb bombs and a lot of rockets.

In 11.0 - 11.3 range there’s not many choices with either Tornados or F-104s. The Tornado IDS is probably going to be the best aircraft to grind the rest of the tree out because it can get 12 1000 lbs bombs which can take out two bases. The F-104s are probably the most boring planes 3 planes you will ever use in the TT, its nothing but running away in space and trying to outrun F-16s because the uptiers you will run into with 11.0. The Tornado ADV is a decent fighter, its able to hold 8 missiles in total but the downside of it is the thing turns like a brick with wings, only way to play is boom and zoom.

In 12.0 there’s only one option which is the F-16A and don’t get me wrong, its probably one of the best fighters in the game but there’s issues with the missiles it gets. For IR missiles its only able to Aim-9Ls at the moment but most of the jets you will be fighting have IR missiles with IRCCM like Aim-9Ms and R-73s so a lot of the time you are out classed with IR missiles which makes dog fighting so much harder. For BVR missiles its able to get Aim-7Ms which worked great for along time but when the changed missiles in a few patches ago, its gotten bugged out sometimes with the missile wanting to go its own way sometimes instead of the target you are launching it at.

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This winning is very subjective. In Uk you have a hard time in low tier but it has a 6.3 7.7 8.0 8.3 8.7 and 10.3 for my taste spectacular. I don’t care what your win rate is. If you are comfortable you will win many more games than average.

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I see. Well everyone here has their own prefered nation, and what do you think about the Italy ground? Every nations is good at smth, I am still not sure which one should I choose.

Yeah of course, but like I said, I am just not sure which nation suits me the best. I want to have a good airforce, and good tanks that have very good firepower and they are overall strong.

So basically I just have mixed opinions, I want make sure that China is strong overall to not waste my time grinding it.

Mostly what you’re going to find in Italys ground forces are no armor and speed.

In 1.0 - 2.0 its going to be horrible, Most of the tanks are slow with really weak guns but they do have somewhat of good armor. I would try to get out of that BR as fast as you could just cause how bad it is.

In 3.0 - 4.0 that’s where the TT starts spicing up. The Breda 501 is going to be the best tank destroyer/light tank in that BR for Italy because the speed it has and the flak gun that’s mounted on it. But downside is the it just being a open platform so you pretty much cant be seen to survive. Turan III is probably the best medium for Italy, its pretty much like a PZ.IV F2 with more armor. Its speed isn’t that bad matching around the same as the PZ.IV F2. The Tipo is ok only because its speed and lack of armor but the gun itself can pen almost anything in its BR. The 75/46 M43 is going to be the best tank destroyer in that BR. It gets around the same amount of pen the breda gets but whats really good about it is its armor, if you angle it while fighting someone it deflects their rounds. It also sits really low so it works really well for hiding in places. The M42 Contraereo is pretty much a Wirbelwind with one belt, its one of the better SPAAs in its BR but it does lack the amount of pen you can get so pretty much no killing tanks with it.

In 5.0 - 6.0 what’s going to be good in this BR are going to be the lights because you get the M18, AUBL/74 and FIAT 6614. M18 is probably going to be the tank to grind into 6.0 with, its a pretty good gun but you do have play smart cause most of the tanks you will be fighting you cant pen from the front. with the AUBL and FIAT its kind up to you on what you like more, its a trade off with them. The AUBL has a smaller gun but its gets a faster reload and its much faster along with a fast turning 360 degree turret. The FIAT is a much higher penning gun but the reload is much longer and the turret spin rate is much longer along with the vehicle itself being slower so its kind of up to you on what you want to player. For mediums you get the M-26 and the Sherman VC, the Sherman VC is kind of a ok medium, its like the Tipo with no armor and its slow but it has a pretty good gun. M-26 is probably going to be the one you use cause the amount of armor it gets, its more like a heavy tank and the gun is pretty good to. For tank destroyers, you should use the 2S1 because of the amount of pen you get with it but the downside is its like having paper armor. For SPAA the best one is going to be the R3 T20, its probably one if not the best SPAA in its BR. It can do 70 MPH and has a overpowered 20mm. It does not have any armor though.

In 7.0 - 8.0 the best tanks to use are going to be the OF-40, ZSU-57-2 and the R3 T106 FA. The OF-40 is almost like a leopard 1 with more armor. if you angle its armor most of the time it will deflect most round. The ZSU-57-2 is like a low tier 2S38, it can kill a lot of tanks (mostly from the side) and can also be used to take out aircraft. The R3 T106 FA is like the R3 T20 but its given 2 recoilless rifles.

In 9.0 - 10.0 is where Italy peaks with its vehicles. The best vehicles that I use are the T-72M1, Leopard 1A5, Ariete (P), Dardo, Leopard 2A4, SIDAM 25 (Mistral), Freccia and Centauro I 105. The the T-72M1 and Leopard 1A5 are the best mediums to use to get into 10.0. T-72 sits low and has a lot of armor for its BR and it also gets a great round but the downside is its much slower then other MBTs which the Leopard 1A5 good. The Leopard 1A5 is one of the faster MBTs with a high penning round but it does lack armor. The Centauro I 105 is one the best light tanks Italy has cause it has a high penning round but it can also do like 60 - 70 MPH and it also gets thermals. For the Ariete (P) and the Leopard 2A4 its kind of what you like to play. The Ariete gets one of the best round in 10.0 but it does lack armor compared to other MBTs in its BR. The Leopard 2A4 gets a lot more armor then the Ariete but it does get a worse round then it. They both though have the same speed. For the Freccia and Dardo my personal experience I like the Freccia just cause its faster but the downside is the spikes are less lethal then TOWs against tanks but what make spikes nice is you can lock onto aircraft as well as tanks. Other then that the main guns are the same so its up to you.

In 11.0 its kind of lacking for Italy cause there’s not many options and those options are not that great. The only one I really like using is probably the Centauro I 120 just cause its got a high penning gun on a fast chassis. the Arietes though are kind of lacking compared to the tanks they are fighting. It have way less armor then other MBTs do so the only thing you really got are its high penning rounds. And the OTOMATIC is just over tiered. Most of the aircraft can get out of its firing range so you’re just a sitting duck for aircraft. They also nerfed it a lot by making the ammo transfer take ages. It has great radar due to being Roland radar but that’s really it for shooting aircraft down. The APFSDS round it gets is ok but you mostly have to get to the side of the tanks to kill them. They didn’t give it its 3 round APFSDS drum and just made it like a Gepard which made it to OP for 10.0 which is why its in 11.0.

Trust me, if I had to choose again I probably would have chose US or USSR to start from but my brother was a German main and would get upset about the queue time when I would play US or USSR so I ended playing Italy cause I didn’t want to play Germany. This was also a few years ago when mixed battles were super rare and Italy just got added into the game so the top jet Italy had was the G.91YS at the time.

From me experience, Italy needs some major skills to finish. It took me like 3 years to totally finish the TT.