Which nation should i main ground rb?

What nation should i main in RB Ground vehicles after about 60-70 hours of playing? I have all of tier 1 unlocked for us, ussr, italy, and sweden, with me being halfway through tier 2 for sweden. I was wondering which nation should I main? I am kind of looking at france, china, and sweden as top candidates. Thoughts?

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Just play what you like more, it’s not necessary to main certain nation btw, just play for fun. I play mostly USSR and Italy, but also slowly research UK, Japan and also Sweden now. I have the most fun with 2 first nations, USSR because it’s very strong and has a wide choice of vehicles + they are quite different to vehicles in other nations (with some uncomfortable downsides though) and Italy, because it’s very fun from first rank to top tier with very unsual designs throughout the tree and in general it attracts me from an aesthetic point of view (though as it isn’t a Gaijin favourite money maker, don’t expect equal additions to 3 big, which are SU, US and Germany).
I would probably continue to grind Sweden as it has some unique pecularities and with the Finnish line you can create strong setups on most BRs, though it should be up to you, just look at vehicles in hangar and choose what you like, even visually.

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Thanks, good idea!

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I would suggest to play everything into tier 3 and then see what you like best, tier 1 isn’t very far, reaching tier 3 isn’t that hard.

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Russia of course. You get OP vehicles from reserve to top. Even for those not OP Soviet/Russian vehicles you can still reap kills with a bit brain.
But you can also choose German or US if you like, they get their features too.
Sweden is also a chioce but you will have to suffer from air barrage for Sweden’s weakness in Air forces.
Get away from Italy, UK, France, China, Japan and Iserael. Even most skilled player can hardly do it well when facing Russians


China could be a good option if you want to use both USSR and western stuff in same lineup. Also it’s a small techtree so it shouldn’t take much time to reach top tier.

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From looking around on youtube that seems like the most feassble option right now

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Sweden has some really good unique vehicles which you then use to build some decent lineups for different BRs. With the upcoming economy changes, repair costs on their vehicles are becoming reasonable.

Russia is good, but you’ll have to deal with the fact that most of their vehicles have little to no real gun depression.


This is just bad advice which reinforces the amount of Russian or German tanks in the game. I play Italy at BR 6.3 and I have Japan and Italy 5.0

I mostly stopped playing Germany and Russia because it makes the game boring when all the tanks are the same. It’s either Tiger E or some type of IS/ISU.

So you want to recommend Japan and Italy GRB for newcomer and let them get 0 kill and 3 death every match? I have to remind you that not everyone are skilled enough to perfectly handle those “minor” nations.

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Italy is actually not that hard to start as you are talking about, low tier is pretty fun and quite strong apart from few vehicles.

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The suggestion that a player needs skill to play BR 1.0 matches is stupid. When a new player has learned the maps, they can easily spend about $5 USD and play between China, Japan, Italy or France and level up. You’re just another die-hard player who is obsessed with winning. I play War Thunder because I enjoy the variety of ground vehicles, not because I want to get the highest KD ratio.

By saying that people will die 3 times without any gain, you deter new players from experiencing different vehicle trees. Japan and China have some bad vehicles, but they also have good advantages: China has the M8 LAC and the recently added Sd.Kfz.222 which is swift and deadly. Japan has the Ta-Se at BR 1.7, which has a very powerful gun that rips through most enemy vehicles. Most of the Japanese vehicles are slow but have good firepower, and if there’s a need for speed there is the Type 94 which is basically the same vehicle from the Soviet vehicle tree.

We should encourage people to try these nations instead of discouraging them. China and Italy have an advantage of speed, which is lacking with Germany, and somewhat lacking with USSR. True the BT 5 is fast but it isn’t quick to aim. Another thing we should encourage is to have more players use spaa vehicles and spend Silver Lions to get expert crews. Why complain about CAS when it can be deterred? The only problem with spaa is the people driving the vehicles most of the time. They give spaa a bad name, because these players just shoot into the sky from 4 KM away, hitting nothing, and they never leave the spawn area. spaa is very powerful when used the right way.

Italian vehicles I enjoy playing:

  • AB 41 (my favourite)
  • AS 42 (easy kills)
  • AS 42/47 (gun on wheels)
  • CM52 (anti-air)
  • L6/40 (don’t enjoy that much but good for a few easy kills)

The M11/39 is pretty good too, when the weaker guns don’t work, use this one.


Hopefully I can convince someone to try the Italian vehicles. Italy is for anyone who wants to play scout vehicles, drive around the map, and capture the points multiple times. I used the AB 41 today to harass an SU 122, it was so funny. I’m using the reserve vehicle for Italy, and the other player has BR 2.3 with extremely good armour. Yet I was able to injure his gunner and evade him for 1-2 minutes and he couldn’t land a shot on me, because of his stupid Russian vehicle, its dreadful aiming, and gun depression. This was in Karelia, with lots of small hills that distort the aim of Russian tanks. In the same match I snuck up behind an SU 57 and destroyed him, yes, with Italy’s most basic vehicle. Because I’m able to sneak across the open field, with all enemy shells missing me, and then I get behind their line. BR 1.0 vs BR 2.7 is no problem.

I advise new players to spend SL to get expert crews, especially for vehicles that require a bit of extra crew health or gear change speed. I like to put an expert crew on a medium tank, and also on a light tank or spaa. I survive a lot of hits, then I just change crews and continue to drive in circles around enemies or ambush them. Italy is my favourite play-style.

Negative. The nations I mentiond above are simply underpowered, even they got good vehicles the bad ones are still majority. Getting easily killed by some unexperienced USSR, German or US player while you can’t even pen them is way more disgusting than losing a match.

While German got even better firepower, and better mobility. USSR got better mobility and armor.

If you are talking about reserve tier vehicles I recommend German 1.3. They got 2 SP-Anti-Anything and better handling than all these Italians you mentioned above.

Italy is a good nation, it gets its unique vehicles, but you can never say Italy is a powerful nation, thus it’s not recommended for a newcomer to start with. As a player you should treat you better, there’s no need to stick to a underpowered nation :)

I’m a China main and currently reaching top tier in USSR, Italy and Sweden. I would say Chinese tech tree is easier to grind, compared to USA and USSR, while having variety of vehicles borrowed from USA and USSR all the way through the tech tree gathering the most iconic vehicles from the two superpowers during the cold war.

What really makes the Chinese tech tree special is the top-tier line-up(9.0+) you get. T-72 derived ZTZ-96/99s offers fair protection and firepower, and several wheeled assault guns as good as their South African and Italian counterparts. You also get some interesting vehicles like WZ305, ATF-09 and Tor-m1 with completely different play style than other nation’s vehicles.

Rumour that an M1A2 SEP will soon be added to Chinese tech tree and if so, it will be no doubt the best first tree to grind.

Russia is the easiest for a new player and so a good place to learn maps and how to kill the other faction’s vehicles. With that knowledge the other factions will be easier to master.

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