Which nation is better to grind out, UK or France? And why?

Which one is better to grind out and which one is future proof and etc?

The one that interests you the most.


I mean like which would you choose?

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I play them both. I play all the nations actually, because I can’t just stick to one. 😎

EDIT: If I had to choose, It would probably be France. The Mirages interest me more than UK at top tiers.

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Alright thanks

France. Devs have abandoned Britain for the foreseeable future.

Our ground is in a poor state. With huge gaps, buggy vehicles and no viable top tier

Air we have some good choices mid tree. But at high tier it’s all unfinished. With 0 top tier


Britain was the first tree I ground out to tier IV and it was both pain and suffering in the ground and air trees. You will definitely feel the bias playing Britain. However, having said that it helped my aim and I think they have buffed the ground vehicles since they seem a lot more resilient then they used to be (at least when I played them).

France low tier ground is pain but since I knew it was going to be, it was the most fun I had in the game and France is pretty fun in general, though I only have experience in ground for France up to tier IV.

Britain has a lot more vehicles and is the “de facto” fourth major tree whereas France is still a minor tree so has less line ups.

Britain Naval is great fun, Coastal too.

France Naval is fun but not as good and they have no coastal currently.

So just depends what you reasoning is.

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From what I can tell; they’re both equally miserable experiences.

It’s almost a positive to say Britain was abandoned

By comparison I’d say France is occasionally remembered, additions almost as late as China.

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France starts off pretty rough but mid to top tier is pretty solid. Britain is pretty much the exact opposite low tier is super fun but mid to top tier is a hellish grind fest. as someone who has grinded through both. pick France, Britain is just painful these days

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