Which modification do I need to install to spawn my plane with the correct fuel load?

I’ve tried them all, and I can’t seem to figure it out.

what is the correct fuel load in your view?

The one I chose in the spawn menu, i.e. 20, 30 minutes. I’m spawning with minimum fuel all the time when I never switch from what I’m used to.

this is a bug, just j out and spawn back in and this time manually reselect the fuel load.
tell me what happens after that

Can’t just J out if you’re in GRB though.

Also this post is satire.

You can. Just have to pay twice the SP cost :)

I still have no idea why they have not made it so that J-ing out on the airfield doesnt cost SP to respawn the plane with no weapon changes. Changing fuel shouldnt cost like 1k SP

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