Which jet premiums to buy during the coming sale?

I am looking at the comig sale and try to make up my mind, which jets would be worth buying from my stack of GJN coins? I am looking at this mostly from an SL income perspective. (Yes, ships are good too, but this thread is about planes).

I own the F5-C, A2D-1, Su-7BMK, A-5C, the old french IAF Vauture and the IAE A-4E.

Any advice on other premiums?

I suppose the Su-25K is worth considering for soviets, or the Kfir C.2. And that’s really it tbh

I have thought about the Su-25K. From using the free sister, my reservation is the time it takes this thing to move to the front (and back).

The Kfir looks nice indeed, certainly fast enough. BR of 10.7 seems OK too.

I have been looking at the UK Meteor and the UK Harrier. They are not top tier but relatively fast at their BR and can be used in several roles, so one can respond to up- and downtiers somewhat effectively.

I assume the German and Italian Fiats are pretty useless?

Depends on your playstyle.
My personal favourite sl grinder is the hunter fga9, no longer available.

If you like dogfighting then maybe Su11, still broken performance at 7.3, requires some brain usage

If not, then sea vixen, completely brain dead stale gameplay but it certainly gives SL.

Cant say much about strike aircarft as I despise them

But imo theres not many things better than the f5c in that regard

Have we heard any confirmation of a sale yet?

I got some on console today but I’m not sure about PC

Currently at work so can’t check my PC, but there’s nothing on the website as of yet.

AV8A is great fun in the American tree. MiG23ML in Soviet tree is also a lot of fun

Isn’t there a pretty wide sale every year, and if not there’s still going to be winter sale soon enough

chinese ki84 is hella fun

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You should check which planes and verhicles are for sale because Gajin mention that “There are no discounts for the “Drone Age” and “Fire and Ice” vehicles , as well as squadron vehicles” (including modifications, talismans, and back-ups).

I saw some people mention the SU-25K which is not for sale because it was released during “Drone Age”.

where that?

I’d steer clear of the Premium F4s at the moment, they are a bit of a trap with the really bad compression.

Speaking from experience of the British Premiums I have:

Lightning F53 and Sea Vixen have great potential but currently handicapped by poor Red Top performance, overhaul is due for Red Tops at some point Soon™. Lightning is the less effected as it does still have guns. I’d mainly recommend the Sea Vixen if you play SB at the moment.

Harrier Gr1 can be hilarious to use, but does struggle with no CMs, like the other 2, the SRAAMs are currently also buggy and awaiting an overhaul soon™ with those suppose to be first and hopefully sooner rather than later.

Thanks for pointing me to the fact that it has no guns… Never noticed that before.

As this is primarily for SL economy, I most likely use the premium in RB. Is the Sea Vixen capable of killing a base with some loadout?

The Lightning is no longer available, and I do have the free one.

Who would want the Hornet? Ground RB CAS? Or is there something I miss?

No, sea vixen can take some ground pound, do a little.damage, but not a full base kill. it’s an interceptor. Great fun in SB but I have never had great success in RB. Though red tops are due to be overhauled. New, all aspect red tops are going to be great.

Forgot about the lightning going, weird they removed it so soon.

If your interest is in an SL farmer, then I’d look at the Wyvern or the F4, In the British tree for pure SL farm. Gr1 can take a base kill amount of bombs too

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcJ5rAXnMtk here is the link.

Thank you for taking the time.

Sea Vixen is unusual, britsh… Something odd and somewhat unique.

The red reaper Meteor was on my list too. It is doing OK in classic dogfights, and if in a downtier, it should be able to kill a base instead.

I do have the Wyvern actually, haven’t used it much in Air RB yet. Some F4 (they come in many national flavors) might be nice too, as it can also generate RP. But as I tend to grind the modules, I will get those RP anyway. I have completed all trees to one plane left or so.

I looked at the Harrier (UK and US). I got both spaded iirc. And yes, the british one will kill bases, US isn’t capable of that iirc.

Good thing is, I sit on over 300 GJN from market, I don’t have to limit myself to just one. :-)

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Whatever equipment we buy they will soon or later nerf it!!
At beginning it is nice and good and after “they” just destroy it.
Example is also using SPAA. If its not nerfing than is bug! ( bugthunder )

Your welcome and good luck with your choice.

I know you want something in the sale. but might also be worth thinking ahead too. Could be a massive update in December, so might be some really cool stuff coming in that update, including Premiums. Hoping other nations will get dedicated strike aircraft like the Su-25/39 and A-10/A-6 premium equivalent