where normal br system ?
where cw reworck ?
where top tier japanes aa ?
where heli pvp ?

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Got taken out because people were abusing it.

It’s not hard once you get into it.

What is this?

Suggest some to get added if you see a gap.

Tbh I think it should be re-added, but with a proper BR system, it was fun when you werent being missiled.

The BR system works good as is, we just need lots of decompression.

Yea indeed, but the issue with the abuse of the mode was a problem.

Man I whish they would do the same with Volumetric XD

It was fun for the 1-3 best Helis and absolutely miserable for everyone else. It was bad when the Tiger HAP dropped, a prepaid Helicopter with Mistrals that were very difficult to flare off. The Ka-50 utterly destroyed it; there was no salvaging the mode with the Vikhr in the game. It was just ranks of Ka-50s facing off against each other and the winner was which ever side spammed more Vikhrs. Meanwhile everyone who wasn’t a Ka-50/52 was desperately sneaking around the map to maybe find a Medium Tank or AAA that would spawn around the back of the map.

Can’t imagine a PvP would be any better now that Ka-52/Mi-28NM have functional DIRCM and their RWR now picks up MMW Radars.