Where to find friendly squadrons/discords?

Most discords I join to find people to play with are like, the direct representation of everything you think of the stereotypical WT player ie rude, ignorant, immature, etc. I just want a 18+ (or mature teenagers but that seems to be rare) community that doesn’t treat social interactions like a constant battle to see who’s the best social outcast.

Imho the best way to find friendly, mature and competent players is in the game itself. If you had a good cooperation with random team mate - or even better a intensive 1 vs 1 with a skilled opponent - it is a matter of good sportsmanship to discuss applied tactics, MEC settings, etc. after the match in the chat.

I found a hell of very smart and friendly guys over the years this way. But i prefer playing exclusively solo, mainly as i reject any kind of additional efforts with communication within or outside the matches.

In addition i recommend to look for guys with similar play styles - every few hundred matches you find guys playing like you. Contact those guys.

Have a good one!

I understand the sentiment but I find nothing but assholes in game and besides that I want more of a community to discuss the game and also squad up rather than just a few guys I find in game to squad with. Appreciate your response never the less

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Rare, but it happens :-)

Not sure how old you are (we have a don’t ask - don’t tell/advertise policy) , but …

OTG- Old Tank Guys

War Thunder gameplay without the kids

Pair/squad up with other older folk and enjoy game play that
ranges from “just fun” to coordinated team tactics.

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Link to discord and other stuff: http://otg.webcoservices.com/

I’m only a young adult, I just feel like I don’t really enjoy the more immature side of life as much anymore, especially with a lot of the toxicity and all that, that comes with it

A few more grey hairs … or less hair and we can talk!

Usually find a streamer you enjoy, and they’ll have a discord and a squadron most of the time, I would plug one I know, but he doesn’t have his squad open rn, because it’s full.

I would offer my server and squadron (few adults, few older teens) but unfortunately a few of the teens are immature. wish you luck lol

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