Where new game mode for Air Battles?

Please end the top tier blood bath and make separate EC + Deathmatch modes.
“AMRAAM is coming sooner than we expect” - just imagine these in current Air RB.

Top tier games lasts 3 minutes. It’s not Realistic. It’s Arcade.

Yeah, +1.

We need to see a new game mode for air RB before FOX-3s can be added.

IMO the solution is Air RB EC. It is a mode Gaijin has been working on (hopefully) for some years now, and it wouldn’t take much work to update/adapt it to fit the gameplay of top-tier jets.

Larger maps with multiple spawn locations, spread out objectives, and a long time duration with respawns gives much more possibilities for interesting gameplay. As opposed to the current loop of “spawn, fly for a minute, shoot missiles, die, repeat”

Sorry if I sound like a broken record on this. I believe it is the best path forward, and I want to see air RB in good health. Cheers.


I’m really interessted if this happens. Could be a slap in the face for tankers.
Besides this I see the need for it and understand it. It is almost the same with ground battles and the hard step from WW2 to ColdWar.

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There is part of the community who wants a seperate mode with tanks only.

Wrong game for that.


There is a point in that,

Game progressed from WW1 to almost modern era but game modes are the same since early days.

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You’d think they’d have some industrial bombing maps where the only way to win on offense was to protect the bombers and destroy strings of factories or tickets for defenders. Stuff like that that actually happened often in WW2.

Imagine actual WW2 mode with actual battles. Let people play a map for a week. Country that has more winrate gets the win.

I wonder how Europe would look like in wt compared to real world.

Just one idea for game mode, yet still we have same bllsht for all those years.

Makes more planes and vehicles less exciting

Eh I wonder if people would throw to rig results though

Sorry from my side. I didn’t want to distract from the actual topic with my statement.

I’d say a 1v1 or 2v2 deathmatch gamemode would be a fun way to make the premium spam go away, with ec for the people who play objectives and dont just join the furball