Where is the TWS on the F-15A

So i saw a bug report in early January talking about the fact that the An/APG 63 does not have the TWS mode as it should have it. Where is it?

Most of the radars for the latest set of aircraft are placeholder. Gripen still has the F16D radar.

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I assume currently AN/APG-63 radar uncomplete & placeholder

But I want gaijin improve AN/APG-63 radar and add TWS mode later

I mean a lot of time passed from the december update. They could have model it this update

Same thing with the F-20 too if I’m not mistaken. Just some unfinished gaijin stuff ig. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

They’ll update things as and when they want to. Still waiting on major additions for aircraft added way back in 2022.

Heck even in this last update we finally saw the Buc get its radar on the S2B but they didnt add it to the Buc S2 (which has been around since 2020) depsite having the same radar as far as I am aware.

If id hazard a guess though with these “air superiority” aircraft. They all have placeholder radars ahead of some overhaul coming (i hope) next major update with the ARH. Only reason I can think of such a delay for them and why they’ve all been added in an unfinished/placeholder state

This isn’t a placeholder radar. Just poor work and dishonesty. 4 months is quite generous for several change that just require a numeral change of values with reports

The radar right now is a seems and intended to be a pre-PSP radar made with soviet information.


In BVR the F15A would still be mid even with TWS cause of the sparrow