Where is the next event?

As the title suggests, it has been quite some time since the update.
I haven’t seen the news for event yet.
To be honest, I don’t have much interest in the navy, but I am very concerned about next tank event after the navy`s over.

They are amping up for the SUMMER event, there’s a month-long break from the last event until then.

They already said we’d have a month-ish-long break, which we are nearing the end of, and then we’d have the next naval event.

Soon™ . . . ☻

For all the promises of change, they are back to their old ways of obfuscating and changing their minds seemingly at random. We had one whole event cycle under the new system. They could not even get through a second one without changing the format and inserting a garbage tank instead of the promised naval event. I would not hold your breath for them keeping their word in the next event being a ship. It’s hard to squeeze every least dime out of the suckers (I mean players) if they do that.

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